2 Teenage Girls Lost in Fiery Car Crash

Picture of a casket with flowers on top of it

Teenage years are known for being wild and carefree. Teenagers juggle all the crazy aspects of high school life, from sports to boys to school, while also exploring and gaining their independence. 2 teenage girls lost in a fiery car crash.

Two seventeen-year-olds from Connecticut, though, died in a tragic accident when they were driving a truck on North Society Road north of Creasey Road in Brooklyn, Connecticut early Monday morning – just after midnight. The truck was registered to a relative of a third girl in the car, who survived but faces serious injuries.

Investigators report that the pickup truck the girls were in lost control going around a tight curve, hit a guard rail, and then tumbled into a ditch, where it burst into flames. The two teens who perished in the accident presumably died from burns.

Photos from the accident show the charred truck being dragged out of the ditch, almost unrecognizable.

Brandon, the brother of one of the girls, reported to NBC Connecticut, “What I did see, the images I will never be able to get out of my head… To know that that truck caught on fire and know that my little sister was trapped or unconscious in there and she burnt.”

Ellis Technical High School now mourns the loss of two of its own, and has counselors available to students to help them cope with the fear or grief they may be feeling during this difficult time.

The crash is still under investigation, as police do not yet know where the girls were coming from, where they were going, or who was driving.

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