2 Young People Arrested in Fraud Scheme at Local Santander Bank Branch

2 Young People Arrested in Fraud Scheme at Local Santander Bank Branch

The police in Plainville responded to reports of a fraud scheme at the local Santander Bank branch on East Main Street this past week. For weeks, the managers at several Santander banks in Connecticut had been investigating what they believed was a fraud ring involving pre-paid debit cards.

On Tuesday, the bank called the police 4 separate times to report suspicious activity. There were 4 young people in a car with New York plates parked outside the bank. They had come in several times throughout the afternoon trying to use pre-paid debit cards to make cash withdrawals.

The bank staff confirmed that the debit cards were all in different names. And, none of these names matched the people attempting to make the withdrawals. The group had sent in various people from their crew several times throughout the day doing the same thing.

Each time the police came, they noticed the car parked at various spots in the parking lot. The same car had been reported at several other locations in Connecticut, including East Harford, West Hartford Avon and Newington.

The police confronted the 4 people in the vehicle. They located and seized thousands of dollars in cash. All of the money was in $20 denominations. They also seized a loaded handgun, a stun gun and illegal drugs.

The officers stated they did not have probable cause to hold two of the individuals. However, they did arrest two others on unrelated weapons charges.

19-year old Javon Badel of Queens and 18-year olf Jaila Johnson of Brooklyn were taken into custody on Tuesday. They were charged with a variety of offenses including a weapons charge and possession of marijuana.

If you’ve been arrested for any sort of criminal offense in Connecticut, call our office right away.

Source: https://www.courant.com/breaking-news/hc-br-plainville-arrests-tri-state-crime-ring-20200820-hyqbc5gb7ncgllj3d7nsi2wcca-story.html

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2 Young People Arrested in Fraud Scheme at Local Santander Bank Branch

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