Build a Defense or Accept a Plea Deal

A judges gavel lying on a law book.

Beyond the point of who did or did not do anything, there’s always the subject of defense and plea deals to discuss. Clients who know they didn’t do anything wrong may accept a plea deal because they simply can’t prove they weren’t involved. Although innocence, until proven guilty, is the mantra of the criminal court system, it’s often forgotten about all too quickly. 

If you’re facing charges, criminal charges specifically relating to business crimes or white-collar crimes, then you should carefully consider the options between a defense of not-guilty and a plea. 

Guilt and Likelihood of Conviction

While your attorney may help you to understand a plea deal, they should also prepare you for the actual trial ahead of you. They should give a very realistic layout of what you will need to face and how you can go through and handle yourself. If the evidence is against you, even if you didn’t do it, your attorney should tell you that you have a lot going against you. To that degree, you might consider the likelihood of conviction. 

If you haven’t had a chat with your local Connecticut criminal attorney, then you should not accept any plea deal. Always get the chance to speak with your criminal lawyer first and never fall pressured into the police or anyone else arguing that they have so much against you that you’re certainly guilty. That is proven or disproven in court. 

A judges gavel lying on a law book.

What is the Benefit of a Plea Deal

A trial holds a lot of uncertainty, and in some cases, you’re looking at a lot of uncertainty, and a plea bargain offers a sure thing. But is it right to accept a plea deal for benefits, especially when you’re not guilty. There are all too many situations when evidence or the raw facts of a situation, especially within the financial field, just put the responsibility on someone who wasn’t involved. 

It’s likely with many different crimes that a business owner who may have been entirely unaware of embezzling or tax evasion is held as the responsible party. For many business owners, that is terrifying, and it’s critical that they understand the benefits that could come with a plea deal if they choose to take it. 

About 95% of criminal cases reach a resolution through plea negotiation, and the terms can be very desirable if your attorney can negotiate properly. But even if your attorney and the state attorney reach a plea deal that they believe is reasonable on both sides, the judge can still decide to go against it. 

Specific Considerations for Working Professionals

Keep in mind that some working professionals cannot retain their licenses if they’re convicted or plead guilty. Realtors, doctors, Certified Practicing Accountants, and more should all carefully consider if they’ll accept a plea that puts them out of work for the rest of their life. 

In cases where a professional license is involved, you should heavily weigh out your options for fighting for a non-guilty verdict. Technically the state itself is not able to disqualify a person for a specific line of work. But what happens instead is that the professional boards that control the licensure for these professions have codes of conduct and expectations, which include having a record free of related convictions. 

Typically that would mean that a CPA wouldn’t lose their license over a DUI. However, when you have people who are expected to work in a moral capacity, it might. Teachers and nurses are among those who are at risk of losing their license or ability to use their credentials for certain charges such as theft, embezzlement, and similar charges.

Who Needs a Criminal Attorney in CT?

If you didn’t do it, then you may be in the mind of, “The truth will out,” but that’s often not the case. You will have state prosecutors working to build a case to convince a jury. That jury wasn’t there. They don’t know or understand your thought processes behind the actions that led to these allegations. Additionally, jury members aren’t legal experts, and many times, jurors will convict either to get the case closed quickly or because they feel it’s their duty to vote guilty. 

At Aeton Partners, you can rely on staff that is passionate about bringing the truth to light in a convincing manner. That means building a strong defense for those who didn’t commit the alleged crimes. Whenever you’re working with a criminal defense attorney in CT, you may also have to consider a plea deal. It’s always your choice, but as discussed here, there are benefits. Contact Aeton Partners now to get a legal rep on your case straight away. 

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