Crime Way Down in Connecticut Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Crime Way Down in Connecticut Due to COVID-19 Pandemic
Crime Way Down in Connecticut

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Connecticut, like most states, implemented stay at home orders. This means that have been fewer people out and about. There are fewer people getting pulled over for traffic infractions. And crime, in general, seems to be way down in Connecticut.

While law enforcement in Connecticut is happy to see such a steep decline in the number of arrests, they know that it is only temporary. As much as they would like to believe people have changed as a result of the Coronavirus, they don’t expect that to be the case. However, they are happy to see such a decrease in the amount crime state-wide over the months of March and April.

In April, the number of arrests were only about 2,700. That is 55% fewer than the state experienced last April. And, the numbers for April were even lower for March. The numbers the State is seeing now are the lowest they’ve been since they started tracking them back in 2008.

The number of traffic arrests have also decreased. For the month of April, they had gone down by more than 75%. Of course, this is because so few people are out on the roads driving.

The State also suspects that the reported numbers may not be entirely accurate. Due to limitations imposed by COVID-19, law enforcement personnel were given extensions to complete their paperwork. The state suspects that, once all of this paperwork had been completed, the numbers be higher than they appear right now.

The number of people entering the Connecticut prison system has also been way down. This is because so many crimes that used to carry minimum jail time are now being handled differently. The state has also released a lot of low-level criminals due to the virus.

If you’ve been charged with any crime during this pandemic, call our office right away.


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