Connecticut Drug Trafficking Penalties

Drug Trafficking Penalties by Drug Criminal Defense Attorney Connecticut

If you watch the news or read your local crime log, you’ll see plenty of stories of people arrested for drug trafficking. You probably picture some scary criminal drug-dealer with a house full of drugs. However, you’d be surprised at what kind of people get charged with drug trafficking in Connecticut.

Not all people charged with drug trafficking are career criminals. For all you know, you or a family member could be charged with this crime at some point. This is because drug trafficking is really just possession of a whole lot of drugs.

The purpose of the drug trafficking statutes is to keep drug dealers off the street. Whether they’re dealing with meth or marijuana, it’s still a crime. However, with so many states legalizing marijuana these days, we don’t really take it as serious as some other drugs.

Right now, there is an opioid epidemic in this country. There is also a huge problem with methamphetamines and prescription drugs. The government is doing whatever it can to keep these drugs off the street. And this means targeting the head of the snake – the drug traffickers.

If you have drug trafficking charges in Connecticut, you’re going to be facing some serious penalties. You’re going to want an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Connecticut Knows the Drug Trafficking Laws

It’s illegal to get caught with drugs. Unless you have a valid prescription, you have no business carrying drugs on your person. If you get pulled over, the cops will search for drugs. If the police are given information that you’re selling drugs out of your home, expect them to pay you a visit.

It used to be that cops only went after big-time drug dealers who dealt in cocaine and other illegal drugs. Today, there is a whole different crop of people being charged with drug trafficking.

Anyone who is caught with drugs with the intent to distribute them will receive a drug trafficking charge in Connecticut. It depends on the amount or weight of the drugs you have. It can also depend on what type of paraphernalia and packaging you’re caught with.

Some of the common drug trafficking offenses in Connecticut include:

  • Possession with intent to sell – If you’re caught with drugs in your possession, you could be charged with intent to sell. It depends on how much you have on you. For example, if you have over a pound of marijuana, chances are, you aren’t going to smoke it all yourself. If you also have the tools for distribution (such as baggies and scales) it is further proof that you plan on selling the illegal drug.
  • Sale of illegal narcotics, marijuana or illegal obtained prescription medication – A lot of people in this country have an opiate addiction. If they’re addicted to heroin, they buy heroin from their local dealer. But, a lot of addicts use prescription pain medication long before they move on to heroin. If you’re caught with a large number of pain meds that aren’t legally prescribed, you’ll receive a drug trafficking charge.
  • Conspiracy to sell illegal drugs – If you’re involved with a group of people selling drugs, you can be charged with conspiracy.

If you’re charged with any of these crimes, you’ll need an experienced criminal defense attorney in Connecticut. He can reach out to the prosecutor and try to negotiate a plea bargain.

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Connecticut Will Know the Penalties

If you’re charged with drug trafficking in Connecticut, you’ll face stiff penalties. Connecticut does assess different penalties depending on the type of drug you’re charged with selling.

The drug trafficking laws are broken into three (3) main categories. The penalties are different for each type of drug as well. In a nutshell, here is a simple breakdown of the penalties:

  • Narcotics (cocaine, heroin, crack): Up to 7 years in jail and fines up to $50,000
  • Dangerous hallucinogens and over 4 ounces of marijuana: Up to 5 years in jail and fines up to $2,000
  • Any other illegal drug or less than 4 ounces of marijuana: Up to 1 year in jail and fines up to $1,000

Keep in mind, these penalties are for first offenses only. Subsequent offenses can lead to much stricter penalties.

Contact a 24-Hour Criminal Defense Attorney in Connecticut Today

If you or a family member have drug trafficking charges, you could be in deep trouble. You could be facing actual jail time and heavy fines. It’s important that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.

Call and schedule a consultation with a skilled criminal defense attorney in Connecticut. They’re available 24-hours a day ready to answer any questions you may have. Call today and meet with an experienced attorney who can help you through this difficult time.

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