Is there a Difference Between Drug Trafficking and Possession with the Intent to Distribute?

Trafficking and Possession with Intent Criminal Lawyer Connecticut

Being charged with any drug offense can be scary. Whether it’s your first time getting arrested or your third, the process is anything but pleasant. You will be arrested and taken to jail. You may need to spend days or weeks in jail before you can get out. Depending on the severity of your crime, you may be in jail until your trial date.

It’s important that you have an experienced lawyer in Connecticut by your side. He can help you get out on bail. He can also try to get your charged dismissed or reduced. His goal is to keep you out of jail. He’ll also try to get you probation if possible.

If you’re arrested for simple possession, you’ll probably be processed and let out of jail quickly. You may just receive a citation and have to appear in court. You’ll have to pay a fine. If it’s your first offense, the judge may take it easy on you.

If you’re charged with either possession with the intent to distribute or drug trafficking, however, you’ll be facing some pretty serious consequences.

Your criminal lawyer in Connecticut will be able to help you through the process. Most criminal attorneys have handled dozens of cases just like yours. They know what charges you’re facing and they know what kind of penalties they carry.

Your Criminal Lawyer in Connecticut Knows the Drug Offense Laws


In Connecticut, there actually is no difference between possession with intent to distribute and drug trafficking. The drug possession statute distinguishes between the types of drugs and the amount you are caught with.

Connecticut groups all drug sale crimes together. These offenses range from sale of marijuana to the death of someone as a result of a drug sale. The penalties are all rather strict. Here is a summary of the drug sale laws in Connecticut:

  • Sale by non-addict of at least 1 ounce of heroin, cocaine or methadone (or .5 grams of crack). The amount of the drug you need to have on you is quite small. And the penalty for the sale of all of these drugs are the same. If you’re convicted of this offense, you’ll face the following penalties:
    • Minimum of 5-10 years in prison with a sentence up to life in prison
  • Sale by non-addict of least 1 kg of marijuana or any amount of narcotics, amphetamines or any hallucinogen. This offense will carry the following penalties:
    • First offense carries 5-20 years in jail
    • Subsequent offenses carry a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison
  • Sale of any drugs within 1500 feet of a school will subject you to the following punishment:
    • A mandatory sentence of 3 years in jail. This is to run in addition to the sentence for the underlying drug sale crime
  • Sale of any drug to a minor will carry a 2 year sentence in addition to the sentence for the underlying crime

Of course, this is just a brief summary of the Connecticut drug statute. There are many other offenses for which you can be charged.

Your criminal lawyer in Connecticut will have to demonstrate that you’re not guilty of the offense charged.

The Drug Laws in Connecticut Have Built in Intent to Distribute Offenses


Although there is no separate statute for possession with intent to distribute, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The drug laws in Connecticut actually have thresholds built into them that serve the same function.

If you’re caught with a certain amount of any drug, including marijuana, you’ll be charged with enhanced penalties.

For example, if you have more than 4 ounces of marijuana on you, you’ll be facing much higher penalties than if you have just 1-2 ounces on you. This is because the court know that if you have 4 ounces of marijuana in your possession, you’re probably selling the drug.

Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Connecticut Today

If you’ve been charged with any drug possession crime, you need to contact a criminal lawyer in Connecticut today. You could be facing serious jail time. Your best chance of getting the charges reduced or dismissed is to have an experienced drug defense lawyer by your side.

Call and schedule your initial consultation today. Your attorney can review your charges and let you know what penalties you may be facing. He can also reach out to the prosecutor and see if he’s willing to negotiate a plea bargain.

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