Does Your Employer Have to Press Criminal Charges for Embezzlement?

Will My Employer Press Charges for Embezzlement in Connecticut?

Who knows what drives someone to steal from their employer? It could be driven by addiction or some other mental disorder. Or, it could be driven by sheer greed. Usually, if you ask a person who’s been charged with embezzlement why they did it, they’ll have a mixed answer.

Usually, people who are charged with embezzlement usually start out with the best of intentions. They may take a few dollars from petty cash with full intentions of giving it back. Or, they pad their hours a bit so they can pay some overdue bills and promise themselves they’ll never do it again.

If someone isn’t caught right away, it may get easier for them to repeat the theft. They figure since they didn’t get caught the first time, they won’t get caught the next time. This leads to a pattern of behavior and, before they know it, they’re in over their head.

Very few people take a job with intentions of stealing from their employer. A lot of people charged with these crimes had been with their companies for a long time before they ever commit a crime. It’s as if they start to feel over-comfortable in their position.

Given your history with your employer, whether or not they choose to file criminal charges depends on the situation. Your criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut will do their best to get the charges reduced or dismissed. They will try to do this with the prosecutor if need be. However, they may find that your employer decides to drop the charges at some point.

Why Would an Employer Choose to File Criminal Charges?

There are some employers who will file criminal charges no matter what the circumstances. They don’t care how long you were with the company and they don’t care how much money you embezzled. They simply believe that what you did was wrong and they want you to be punished for it.

Other employers may simply be looking for a confession. They may want you to stand up and admit that what you did was wrong and that you’re sorry for it. They may not want you to face any actual jail time or other consequences. However, sometimes, it’s not up to your employer to make this decision.

Once your employer reports the crime to the police, they may not have the option of dropping charges. Although they are the victim, they aren’t the one who calls the shots. The prosecutor is. Once the crime has been reported, it’s up to the State to determine if the charges will proceed.

What are the Penalties for Embezzlement in Connecticut?

Connecticut defines embezzlement as anytime someone has custody of someone else’s property and appropriates it for their own use. Usually, this is in the form of cash, payroll or other property.

An important aspect of the offense is that you did have a legal right to hold that property at some point. It was after this point that you decided to use it for something other than what it was intended.

The penalties for embezzlement in Connecticut are as follows:

  • Up to $2,000 results in up to one (1) year in jail and fines up to $2,000
  • Up to $10,000 can land you in jail for up to 5 years and impose fines of up to $5,000
  • If you embezzle anywhere from $10,000-$20,000, you can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000
  • Anyone who embezzles more than $20,000 can be sentenced to up to twenty years in prison and fines of up to $15,000

Your Connecticut criminal defense attorney will do their best to prove you are innocent. If they’re unable to do this, they will try to get the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges.

It’s also possible that your employer may decide to drop the criminal charges. If the State agrees, the worst you may face is termination. As part of your charges being dismissed, you may also be required to pay your employer back the value of the property you embezzled.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Connecticut

If you’re charged with embezzlement in Connecticut, you may be facing serious prison time. You’ll also be facing a lot of fines. It’s important that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut by your side.

Call Aeton Law Partners today and schedule your initial consultation. There is simply too much at risk to try to handle this on your own.

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