How Dangerous Are False Domestic Violence Allegations?

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Police officers will tell you that some of their most dangerous calls involve domestic violence. They know when they respond to these calls, they may encounter all sorts of situations. Sometimes it’s a false alarm and nobody wants to press charges. Other times, they have two people clearly suffering from injuries. It’s not always easy to tell who the aggressor was and who was the victim.

Law enforcement agencies and the courts take allegations of domestic violence very seriously. They know that thousands of women, men and children die every year as a result of domestic violence. They do everything in their power to make sure everyone in their community is safe.

People make false allegations of domestic violence more often than you may think. This can cause a world of trouble for the other party.

If someone has falsely accused of you domestic violence, you are going to need a Connecticut criminal lawyer. Whether it’s fair or not, the burden will be on you to prove the attack didn’t happen. Technically, the prosecutor carries the burden of proof. However, from a practical standpoint, you really need to prove that you’re innocent once those charges are filed.

Not only is your freedom at stake, but so is your reputation.You could be forced to register as a sexual offender. You may be denied access to your home and your children. It’s too important to try to handle this on your own.

If someone has filed false domestic violence allegations against you, call a Connecticut criminal lawyer right away. They’ll work quickly to get the charges dismissed so you can move on with your life.

What is Domestic Violence in Connecticut?

Under Connecticut law, as with most other states, domestic violence is any sort of physical, mental or emotional abuse of a spouse, domestic partner or child. Usually, these cases involve actual physical abuse. However, there are times when the abuse takes a different form.

Some examples of domestic violence in Connecticut include:

  • Physically beating your partner or children
  • Forcing your spouse or domestic partner to perform sexual acts against their will
  • Refusing to let your partner leave the house or travel freely
  • Harassing your spouse, child or domestic partner

If you’ve committed any of these acts against someone you’re in a relationship with, beware. You may be charged with domestic violence in Connecticut. Sadly, even if you haven’t done any of these things, you may still be charged with these crimes. When a victim goes to the police and makes an allegation of domestic violence, the cops take it very seriously. They just can’t risk that the abuse is actually happening. If they did, people could get very hurt or even die.

The problem is, once someone accuses you of domestic violence, it’s almost impossible to shake. The cops don’t believe you. The only person who may believe you is your attorney.

Your Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Will Defend You Against False Allegations

When people are falsely accused with domestic violence, they react in different ways. Some people get so upset that they just walk away. They don’t even fight the charges. Others think it’s easier to pretend they did what their partner said. They’ll say and do whatever they can to get out of jail. Don’t make this mistake. You can face some pretty serious consequences, including:

  • Criminal charges
  • Civil damages
  • Prevented from owning a firearm
  • Not be allowed to spend time with your children
  • Register on sexual offender list (depending on the allegations)
  • Part of your permanent record

It’s really in your best interest to retain a criminal defense lawyer to fight these charges. He can talk to the prosecutor and try to get the charges dropped. He can see what kind of evidence the state has so he knows how to refute it. He’ll work hard to protect you and your reputation.

How Will Your Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Fight the Allegations?

Fighting domestic violence charges are hard enough when they’re true. It may be even hard to do when they’re false. This is because it’s hard to prove that something didn’t happen.

Your Connecticut criminal attorney will do the following to help clear your name:

  • File a formal response to any charges
  • Find out what could’ve motivated your spouse or significant other to file the false charges
  • Gather evidence to prove that the allegations aren’t true
  • Attend any court dates related to the false allegations
  • Fight to clear your name
  • Make sure the person who made the false allegations is formally addressed for their false claims

If you’ve been falsely accused of domestic violence, contact a Connecticut criminal lawyer today. There is too much on the line to sit back and do nothing. Call and schedule your initial consultation today. Let an experienced lawyer help you get justice.

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