Local Beauty Store Uses Facebook to Track Down Larceny Suspect in Waterford

Local Beauty Store Uses Facebook to Track Down Larceny Suspect in Waterford
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Most people think that department stores don’t take shoplifting seriously. Sure, if they catch a customer stealing something, they may detain them. They may even call the cops. But are they really going to go on a mission to catch someone who got out of the store with a couple of hundreds of dollars in merchandise? Well, if you live in Waterford, Connecticut, the answer is yes.

More and more stores are turning to social media to catch shoplifters. The Waterford County Police help stores like Ulta catch thieves. This is what happened this week. The local police posted a copy of images of a woman shopping in the local cosmetics store. There are a couple very clear pictures of a woman in a black and white wool coat, meandering throughout the store.

Apparently, this woman stole approximately $217 worth of merchandise from the Ulta cosmetics store in Waterford this past Wednesday. They said the woman left the store and got into a burgundy car with Florida license plates. The car was driven by a man. However, there is no picture of the car or the driver.

The woman is now wanted for larceny. Not only have the cops asked for the public’s assistance in catching the thief, but they’ve offered several ways for people to get in touch with them. Tipsters can call the police station. However, they’re also welcome to send a private message to a certain detective assigned to the case.

This just goes to show that social media is now being used on a daily basis to catch criminals in Connecticut. This is something happening all over the country. If you’ve been charged with any crime or are facing charges, call our experienced Connecticut criminal defense lawyers right away.

Source: https://patch.com/connecticut/waterford/cops-need-help-id-suspect-another-ulta-larceny

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