Connecticut Has Some of the Strictest Heroin Laws in the Country

The Strict Heroin Laws of CT | Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting charged with drug possession can be scary enough. But, in Connecticut, if you’re caught with heroin, you’re going to be facing some pretty strict penalties. And, if you’re charged with trafficking of heroin, you could be looking at more than half a lifetime in prison.

Connecticut is one of the only states that still have mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug offenses. They have intentionally kept these laws on the books. With the number of people addicted to opioids today, Connecticut feels they need stricter laws.

The number of people dying every day from heroin overdoses is staggering. And, once people become addicted to the drug, they tend to commit other crimes to fuel their habit. Law enforcement has to deal with burglaries, robberies, and auto theft committed by heroin addicts.

Over the last few years, Connecticut has started to right back in the opioid drug epidemic. This means, if you’re charged with heroin possession or trafficking, you’re going to need an experienced Connecticut criminal defense lawyer.

Connecticut Law Enforcement is Cracking Down on Heroin

A few months ago, law enforcements teams in Connecticut worked together with federal law enforcement to crack down on heroin. A special team was created to complete a mission called “Operation Raw Deal.

This operation targeted some of the most popular mid-level heroin dealers in Connecticut. 51 people were arrested. Thousands of bags of heroin were seized, along with half a pound of raw heroin. The team also confiscated a ton of cash and guns.

The operation started 6 months prior when Connecticut law enforcement decided enough was enough. They had seen an even greater rise in opioid related deaths. They wanted to specifically target the mid-level dealers.

For the people caught in the raids, they would be facing very serious charges. This is because, in Connecticut, you can go to jail for quite some time for your first heroin possession charge. Your defense lawyer in Connecticut can prepare a defense if you’ve been charged with any heroin related drug charge.

What are the Heroin Laws in Connecticut?

If you’re convicted of possession of heroin in Connecticut, you’ll be convicted of a felony. You’ll be facing some pretty serious consequences, including:

  • Up to 7 years in jail
  • Fines of up to $50,000

For subsequent offenses, the penalties are even worse. If you’re convicted of a subsequent heroin offense, it carries the following penalties:

  • 15 to 25 years in jail
  • Fines of up to $250,000

This 15-year sentence is mandatory. So, if you’re caught with heroin more than once, you will have to spend at least 15 years in prison. This is why it’s so important that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Connecticut handle your case.

Possession is a felony. However, it’s not as serious a felony as heroin trafficking. If you’re convicted of heroin trafficking, you’ll be facing anywhere from 10-15 years in prison. You’ll also have to pay back over $50,000 in fines.

Your sentence will depend on how much heroin you had on you at the time of your arrest. It also depends on where you were caught. For example, if you’re caught selling heroin in a school zone, you’ll have an extra 5 years added to your sentence.

How Can a Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

If you’re charged with any heroin related crime, you need a good criminal lawyer in Connecticut. Your lawyer can prepare a defense and help get your charges either reduced or dismissed.

The one thing about drug charges is that they rely almost strictly on physical evidence. Since they’re a victimless crime (arguably), the only person pursing the crime is law enforcement. If they had no lawful reason to stop you, then any evidence they collected pursuant to your arrest may be inadmissible.

Your lawyer will review the State’s case and come up with the best defense possible. You don’t want to face these charges on your own. You’re much better off having an experienced defense lawyer by your side.

Contact a Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyer Immediately

If you have a drug charge in Connecticut, you need to call Aeton Law Partners and speak with a criminal defense lawyer right away. You can schedule your consultation with someone who has experience handling cases just like yours.

You’re facing some pretty serious penalties in Connecticut. You don’t want to deal with the prosecutor on your own. Let your defense lawyer do their job and get you the best possible outcome.

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