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Connecticut Business Litigation Lawyers

A substantial amount of the litigation practice at Aeton involves business litigation. We have years of experience bringing and defending claims involving business torts. Essentially, business torts involve claims of wrongdoing by and between businesses. Our cases range from trade libel or defamation of a small business to multi-million dollar claims involving unfair competition, theft of trade secrets, and trademark infringement. Our business litigators represents individuals and businesses in disputes in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and throughout the country on a select basis. We work with our clients to match them with the right litigation and trial team at Aeton considering the scope of the dispute, the client’s preferences, and the expected litigation budget.

When an individual or business needs to hire an attorney to either defend or bring a business related lawsuit, finding the right fit between client and attorney is very important. Our lead business litigator, N. Kane Bennett, has been the author of the Connecticut Business Litigation Blog for several years. The blog covers a vast range of issues that Connecticut businesses face including dissolution, partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, employment, non-competes, and theft of trade secrets and confidential information. He also was named a Super Lawyer in Connecticut for Business Litigation in 2014-2018. He further co-authored the Connecticut Law Tribune's publication for discovery forms used in civil business tort lawsuits.

In many cases, a business solution or settlement of a dispute often makes sense for both sides. Litigation can be costly, and sometimes a complete distraction for both sides of a dispute. Finding a business solution to a legal problem typically involves creative, out-of-the box thinking with a focus on "deal making" that makes sense for business purposes. Many business disputes settle simply because a settlement is the best business solution.

However, there also are many times when "deal making" is just not possible or practical. Too often the practical approach is met with hostility with emotions running high and broken relationships. These circumstances usually require aggressive and zealous representation with a lawsuit or arbitration. Early and aggressive lawsuits can include seeking an attachment of assets or an injunction at the outset of a case. In other cases, full bore litigation with all discovery tools utilized is necessary to bring a case to resolution.

Business litigation claims often involve an intersection of many different disciplines. Disputes may require the attorney to gain an understanding of the underlying business concerns, not merely the legal aspects. Typically, experts are also utilized for fact finding and case building including forensic accountants, computer and data experts, and damages experts. Attorney Bennett has worked with numerous experts to assist his clients in resolving disputes and recovering damages.

Aeton Law handles many different types of business lawsuits. Here are some of the cases we handle: