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Client Spotlight: Engineered Carbon Solutions Announces the Funding of Frog City Fuel and New Jobs for Southeastern Connecticut

Connecticut Innovation Supports Biomass Fuel Startup through its Pre-Seed FundFrog City Fuel logo

Engineered Carbon Solutions (ECS), the manufacturer of Frog City Fuel, has been awarded Pre-Seed Funding totaling $150,000 by Connecticut Innovations (CI), the state's quasi-public authority responsible for technology investing and innovation development. ECS has also secured matching funds from private investors, as required by the pre-seed legislation.

Engineered Carbon Solutions has developed a unique American-made biomass fuel for direct use in pellet stoves and boilers. This low cost heating product will be available at Agway and other stores for the 2013-2014 heating season. Frog City Fuel provides a high BTU content fuel that is formulated with up to 70% recycled post-consumer waste.

ECS CEO, Michael Curtis states "The local production of Frog City Fuel provides a growing number of local jobs and achieves re-use of high volume waste products making it an environmentally-friendly fuel product that we are excited to bring to the marketplace. The support by Norwich officials has been nearly overwhelming and as a result we are able to provide a needed heating product at extremely competitive prices to the region. We are excited by the growth prospects the business supports and with every turn, people have embraced the idea of locally manufactured fuel for local use."

ECS has equipment on order and will be establishing its first biomass pellet mill in Norwich, CT. Several other municipalities have inquired about establishing a local pellet mill and the fuel has garnered the interest of several large energy companies for implementation into their array of energy solutions. "The company has created a local 'buzz' which it will expand over the years to come."