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Copyright Litigation

Conveniently located between Hartford and New Haven, we represent Connecticut individuals and businesses in matters involving copyright law disputes, including:

  • Take down notices
  • Subpoenas relating to identification of IP addresses
  • Cease and desist letters
  • Copyright claims - fair use defense
  • John Doe copyright infringement lawsuits
  • BitTorrent protocol, filesharing, peer-to-peer downloads
  • Content piracy
Connecticut Internet Piracy Attorneys - Copyright Law Disputes

Our Hartford copyright lawyers represent professionals, companies, and individuals that have been victims of Internet defamation and harassment. If you are the victim of Internet defamation, you may need to find the identity of an anonymous poster. At Aeton, we handle cases involving:

  • Internet privacy
  • False reviews on ratings websites
  • Anonymous websites and blog posts
  • Social media disputes
  • Misuse of private videos and photos on social media
  • Facebook and social networking harassment
  • Cyber bulling and social media harassment
  • Online profile and reputation management
  • Misuse of personal content on the Internet

If images, video, music or written content have been posted on the web, including social media sites, without your permission, we can perform the proper legal analysis and assist you in getting it removed quickly and efficiently.

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