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Enforcing Non-Compete Agreements

At Aeton Law Partners, we have handled significant cases involving lawsuits over non-compete agreements, breach of confidentiality, misappropriation of trade secrets and theft of confidential information. Our attorneys have handled cases with all types of contracts, and several cases where there was no contract. We have been involved in cases that resolve quickly and others that last years involving discovery in different states.

Managing Non-Compete and Confidentiality Agreements

Recently, there has been published data showing significant risks for employers for loss of confidential information. Our first goal is to help employers manage the risks associated with departing employees and protection of confidential information and intellectual property. The goal is to avoid business damages such as theft of intellectual property, loss of client lists and trade secrets, and lost sales. We start by first ensuring sufficient contractual agreements are in place before an event occurs. This includes non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements and non-solicitation agreements. There is no "one size fits all," and to increase the chance that your employment agreement can be enforced in court, you need an experienced attorney to draft your employment agreement.

When we get involved after a departure, we act quickly. We work for business solutions to the problem to determine if that matter can be resolved quickly. If not, we stand prepared to bring litigation promptly to seek court orders to stop theft of company information and loss of clients to include preliminary injunctions, temporary restraining orders or prejudgment remedy.

Consultation with Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

As a business owner confronting the loss of key employees, it is important not to wait too long to go to an attorney to determine available options. In the digital age, where information is created, stored, and stolen in seconds, employers need to act quickly. Taking a proactive approach to disputes over non-competes, theft of clients and lost sales often results in a more favorable outcome, sometimes without litigation.

Lawsuits for Loss of Clients and Sales, or Misuse of Company Information

When a business owner has grounds to pursue a former employee, filing a lawsuit early can bring the issue to resolution in many cases. Early intervention may also stop ongoing harmful conduct even if resolution cannot be reached. Further, early legal action may result in the ability to obtain and preserve valuable evidence.

When a lawsuit is necessary, we work quickly with our clients to gather the necessary facts and determine the proper lawsuits. Lawsuit might include a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction to stop the ongoing conduct. Many of these cases hinge on discovery of electronic evidence through computer forensic work.

We have been successful in finding evidence no one expected us to find, and sometimes in dramatic fashion. Identification and protection of evidence are often critical in these cases in the early stages, and especially with regard to electronically stored data from employee's work station and remote devices. We work with both forensic accountants and computer forensic experts to marshal the available evidence before it can be destroyed or altered.

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If you are involved in a dispute over a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement, it is in your interest to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation with a lawyer. For more information, read these tips for employers when deciding to enforce a non-compete agreement in Connecticut.