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General Counsel Services

Integrated Legal Services for Small and Midsized Businesses

A business may not have the resources for full-time in-house legal counsel, but it still will need occasional services from an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer. Small and mid-sized businesses often have a need for real-time advice and counseling on a wide range of legal issues including Employment, Regulatory, Contracts and Forms, Corporate Goverance, Business Transactions, Intellectual Property and Litigation.

At Aeton Law Partners LLP, we offer a specialized program to small and mid-sized business throughout Connecticut, including Middletown, New Haven, Stamford and Hartford, that we refer to as "General Counsel Services." We designed our General Counsel program to be flexible to meet the needs of various clients, which can include working as part of the in-house team virtually or onsite for a set number of hours, or as outside general counsel to handle overflow and specific needs as they arise.

Our program also offers flexible pricing with several options to include monthly fixed retainers, fixed fee pricing for projects, or competitive hourly rates.

Keeping Legal Costs Low: We're There Only When You Need Us

We provide all-encompassing general counsel services to our business clients, offering them the outstanding representation they need without the costs associated with a full-time, on-staff attorney. Our attorneys handle issues proactively as they arise to settle them efficiently outside of court, allowing our clients to save money and continue focusing on their business rather than litigation. When litigation is necessary, however, we have the resources and skills necessary to obtain favorable outcomes in court.

To learn more about our areas of focus and expertise, see our practice areas overview.

Business Clients Benefit From Our Versatility

Our clients turn to Aeton for general counsel services and advocacy in the following broad areas:

  • Business formation, reorganization, restructuring or sale of assets
  • Employment agreements, human resource issues and relationships with independent contractors and third parties
  • Trade secret protection, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements
  • Copyright and trademark filing and enforcement
  • Separation and termination agreements, professional and executive compensation, and management succession planning
  • Business operations, including commercial contracts, distribution and licensing agreements, service agreements or equipment leasing
  • Software asset management, including risk management for audits
  • Litigation in state and federal courts, including alternative dispute resolution and mediation
  • Risk management and compliance with copyrights and trademarks
Meeting Your Needs As You Grow

Given the range and depth of our Connecticut business attorneys, Aeton is able to handle a broad range of legal challenges that our clients encounter through successive phases of growth. We're small enough to establish personal relationships with our clients, but have broad legal experience to bring sharply focused professional expertise to bear on complex legal problems and business challenges.

For clients who require counseling in specialized areas such as tax, environmental or immigration we can draw upon our own collaborative networks to make sure that our clients' needs are fully met. For the core areas listed above, however, you'll find our business attorneys to be prompt and resourceful advisers fully aware of our clients' business goals, budgets and resource pressures.

Cost-Effective General Counsel Services Through Connecticut and Nationwide

For more information on how our Connecticut general counsel services can serve the needs and advance the interests of your company, contact us for a consultation.

Our offices at the Centerpoint CT office complex in Middletown, Connecticut, are conveniently situated at the crossroads of Connecticut on the Cromwell/Middletown line along the I-91 corridor between Routes 9, 15 and 372 and I-691, just a short drive from Bradley International Airport.