Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Crashes involving motorcycles represent some of the most complicated accidents to investigate and settle. If you have suffered personal injuries while riding a motorcycle in Connecticut, then contact our personal injury attorneys at Aeton Law Partners. We have significant experience representing riders and family members in a motorcycle accident throughout Connecticut.


Our motorcycle accident attorneys do not wait around for the police to finish their accident investigation before getting to work. Instead, we immediately begin to gather evidence, investigate crucial facts that can only be determined very soon after an accident, and work with some of the country’s top motorcycle experts to begin protecting the rights of our motorcycle accident clients. Whether you are operating your bike on I-95 in Hartford, or on any of the tens of thousands of scenic routes in southeastern Connecticut to Middlesex and Tolland Counties, your safety is often in the hands of the many drivers of traditional motor vehicles. When an accident happens, however, it is oftentimes assumed the that motorcycle operator was acting recklessly. Thus, it crucial that your motorcycle accident attorney immediately being to investigate the actual circumstances surrounding your accident.

In many cases, the conclusion of an investigation hinges on recovery and documentation of physical evidence that can be lost soon after your motorcycle crash. Rain may wash or fade away crucial skid marks, debris fields may be ruined by other drivers, and the memory of eye witnesses may be fade. Our accident attorneys use experts and investigators from throughout the state of Connecticut and country to provide your side of the story.


At Aeton, we have represented motorcycle operators and their family members in accidents resulting in death and catastrophic injuries. Our experience, knowledge, and expert contacts oftentimes allow us to get out in front of the investigation of your motorcycle crash. However, we also have the wherewithal to know that not all members of our community appreciate your joy and passion for riding bikes. Starting immediately after we are hired by those involved in serious motorcycle accidents, we begin developing a strategy that permits the whole story from being presented to the insurance company. Our diligence has paid off in cases where the police investigation blames the motorcycle operator, but our thorough investigation proved otherwise.

At Aeton, our accident attorneys leave no stone unturned. We get to know you as an operator, your choice of motorcycle, how it rides, and how others react. Sometimes, however, no matter how careful you are as a rider, the unique riding experience that motorcycles provide can lead to catastrophic injuries.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Connecticut there are a couple of things you can do to make the investigation proceed more smoothly.

  • Do not throw away any of the damaged parts of your bike. Keeping every damaged part will provide key evidence your attorney and expert may be able to use to better determine how your accident occurred.
  • Make sure to keep your tires, even if flat. Photograph the tire marks on the pavement and marks on the tires themselves; these are crucial to determining key information such as speed, braking, and direction.
  • Compile and keep maintenance records. This includes records for after-market parts.

As with any accident, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney before speaking with an insurance company.


The very characteristics that makes riding a motorcycle in Connecticut exhilarating are the same that can lead to life-long injuries. Narrow roads in rural Connecticut towns, long stretches of congested Hartford and New Haven highways, and weather conditions that change hour by hour are some of the conditions that motorcycle operators face. These can also lead to serious injuries even in low-speed accidents for those driving without the benefit of seatbelts, airbags, and cabs.

A motorcycle accident at any speed on a poorly maintained Connecticut road can cause serious personal injuries, including broken bones and head trauma. Oftentimes, the mechanism of injury is unlike that for any other type of motor vehicle crash. Unfortunately, not every motorcycle operator injured in an accident because of the negligence of another is compensated. This is sometimes because the general public, insurance companies, and investigators don’t always understand the rules by which motorcycles operate. This makes it vitally important for your attorney to know the regulations that govern the way motorists treat motorcycles. Your attorney must also understand the “unwritten rules” of operating a motorcycle in Connecticut.

We have represented motorcycle operators involved in serious accidents who were riding alone, in groups or as a part of charity rides. Each requires special consideration of riding style and guidelines. In any accident, our goal is to get you healthy, proper compensation, and back on the road.


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