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At Aeton Law Partners, we offer our clients a range of fee options to suit their individual or business needs.  Because of the efficiencies we have built into our firm, we have the ability to offer flexibility in how we charge for our services in many cases.  We have developed a number of fee options depending on the nature of the case and each client's legal needs.  For the convenience of our clients, we accept payment by check, credit card, wire transfer, and direct deposit.  Our menu of alternative fee arrangements includes:

  • Competitive Hourly Rates. We designed our law firm from the ground up using leading technology to find every efficiency to lower our rates. As a result, we are able to offer highly competitive hourly rates that are discounted from rates charged by large law firms.
  • Flat Fees, Fixed Fees, and Phase of Case Billing. We understand that many start-ups and companies have budgets they must comply with.  In many cases, we can offer our clients a fixed fee for an entire project or a guaranteed budget for a phase of a project, which helps clients plan for the costs of the project. 
  • Contingency Fees. We handle several types of cases on a contingency basis where our clients pay no fees unless we recover.  Examples of contingency fee cases includes employment, business disputes, commercial matters, and personal injury.
  • Hybrid Fees, Success Fees. Our hybrid fee agreements offer a discount from our hourly rates with a contingency fee aspect for any recovery.  For example, we might lower our hourly rates but build into the fee a percentage of the recovery.  Similarly, a success fee agreement includes a discount from our hourly rates with a bonus or success fee when certain agreed-upon metrics are met.
  • Monthly Retainers or Virtual Days. We provide general counsel legal services to many business clients. We offer business clients a discount in our rates in exchange for a set monthly fee. In addition, we have the flexibility to offer legal services for a set number of days at a substantial discount to these clients.
  • Equity or Deferred Fees. We provide counsel to start-up and early-stage companies and ventures. For select clients, we are willing to provide our services in exchange for equity in a business venture. We also have the flexibility to offer select clients deferred or delayed payment while a client is seeking funding or financing.
  • Flat Fee Consultations.  Many of our clients need situational advice in business, employment, or potential litigation.  We frequently offer flat fees for attorney review and advice on a limited scope engagement.
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If you would like to know more, please call us at 860-724-2160 or email to schedule a consultation or obtain more information about our firm and fee options. Aeton Law Partners represents individuals, small businesses, and corporations in Hartford, New Haven, Middletown and the surrounding area.  We provide both transactional work as well as counseling and representation in litigation matters.  We represent clients in a number of fields including business, insurance, employment, litigation, and technology matters.