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Our firm's outsourcing practice has demonstrated experience in a wide range of transactions, having represented outsourcing customers in information technology and business process outsourcing contexts.

Our technology attorneys understand the complex interaction of commercial, financial, technical and legal issues, as well as the long-term relationship issues associated with outsourcing transactions.

Our technology attorneys' experience in negotiating outsourcing transactions as both in-house and outside counsel gives Aeton unique insight into the strategic, operational and tactical goals and "hot buttons" of outsourcing customers, the key drivers of success and failure and "market" terms and conditions.

In representing outsourcing customers throughout the country, our Connecticut technology attorneys understand the entire outsourcing process, from the definition of business requirements to the negotiation of the commercial and legal terms to effective contract documentation and contract administration systems.

In-House Experience | Connecticut Outsourcing and Technology Attorneys

Having been involved in the negotiation of multiple outsourcing engagements as in-house counsel, and having experienced the lifecycle of large outsourcing transactions firsthand, our technology attorneys have a deep respect and awareness of the sensitivities of an outsourcing transaction, including the legal, human resource, business, compliance, security and operational issues.

Hartford, New Haven, Middletown, New London | Outsourcing Law

Our Connecticut outsourcing attorneys also recognize the critical importance of creating documentation that is specifically tailored to client's business requirements while being flexible enough to accommodate changes in technology and circumstance over the term of the transaction. Our experience in outsourcing includes:

  • Human resources
  • Data center
  • Call center
  • Help desk
  • Telecommunications
  • Mainframe
  • Midrange
  • Desktop
  • Web hosting
  • Business application development and maintenance
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Whether you are a customer or vendor of outsourcing services, we have the in-house knowledge and real-world experience to help you achieve success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Connecticut outsourcing and technology attorneys.