Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyers

Aeton Law’s personal injury attorneys have handled all manner of car accident claims, with nearly 35 years of combined motor vehicle accident experience. Connecticut is a densely-populated state, form Hartford, New Haven, and New Britain, to Bridgeport and Stamford. In addition, Connecticut is widely considered to have some of the worst road conditions in the country. Therefore, motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut are commonplace, and those accidents that leave victims injured are numerous.

If you are the victim of a car accident, the litigation lawyers at Aeton will aggressively pursue the compensation you are entitled for the injuries sustained in the accident. Many people are shocked to learn that even “minimal vehicle damage” accidents often result in compensable bodily injuries.


If you are involved in a car accident in Connecticut, state law requires each driver to pull over and render assistance to any injured parties as needed. Then, if there are any injuries or property damage to either vehicle, the parties are required to exchange the following information:

  • Full Name;
  • Address;
  • Driver’s License Number; and
  • Vehicle Registration Number.

A driver who leaves the scene of an accident without providing the proper information may be charged with the crime of evading responsibility. If you are involved in accident with no injuries, you do not have to call the police. However, it is oftentimes good practice to do so in order to get a Connecticut Accident Summary. If there are any injuries, you should immediately report the accident to a police officer.


The most important thing to do following a car crash in Connecticut is to make sure everyone has received proper medical attention. In the days following the accident however, and if possible immediately after, you should attempt to take photos of the vehicles, their positioning, the conditions of the roadway or any other piece of physical evidence that remains at the scene. Try to get the name and contact information for any witness to the accident, and take down notes for your lawyer that will help you recall crucial information.


Connecticut is an “at-fault” state for determining which party bears the financial responsibility in remedying any losses. Presuming that the party bringing the legal action for damages stemming from a car accident has initiated it within the two (2) year statute of limitations, a victim may recover damages from the party who is determined to be “at-fault.”

Additionally, Connecticut is also a “comparative fault” state, which means that an “at-fault” party’s liability for the total damages award is capped at the percentage he or she is determined to be at fault. For example, if the Plaintiff in a car accident case in Hartford, Connecticut was awarded $1,000,000 in damages for her injuries, and the Defendant was found to be 70% “at-fault” then the Defendant would pay $700,000.


Nearly always, a lawsuit alleges damages from a car accident is brought under a theory of negligence. To prove negligence, the Plaintiff must prove four elements: duty, breach, causation, and injuries. This is often broken down into two categories: liability and damages. To prove which party involved in a car accident is liable (or more liable under Connecticut’s comparative fault scheme), litigation attorneys look to various pieces of evidence. Some of the most useful items of evidence to prove liability are:

  • Video Recordings (Surveillance Footage, Dash Cam, Cell Phone Video);
  • Police Reports – typically a police officer will make a determination of fault at the scene or after an investigation;
  • Witness Statements

Many times, the “at-fault” party concedes to liability if it is apparent from the evidence that one party was wholly responsible for the accident, such as in a rear-end accident.

Once liability of the accident is proven, the victim’s car accident attorney in Connecticut must demonstrate that there is a “causal” link between the accident itself and the personal injuries the victim is alleging were caused by the accident. This part of the case is typically proven through a medical professional’s report which states that the victim’s injuries were directly caused by the accident at issue.

Finally, the personal injury attorney must prove that the victim sustained actual damages and losses from the accident. There are two types of damages in Connecticut. The first is called “economic damages.” Typically, this is for out-of-pocket expenses or medical bills. The second type of damages are called “non-economic damages.” This includes pain and suffering for the injuries you have received. Common damages claimed in motor vehicle accidents include:

The car accident attorneys at Aeton resolve personal injury claims in aggressively and efficiently.  If you ever find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in Connecticut, including Hartford, New Haven, New Britain, or Middletown, call Aeton’s personal injury attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your rights to compensation.


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