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Serious Personal Injury


Aeton Law Partners in Middletown, Connecticut screens and accepts cases involving accidents, serious personal injury and wrongful death. Our attorneys have over 30 years combined experience handling personal injury claims including catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death claims. We are not a high volume personal injury practice. We screen our cases carefully to we make sure that our clients get the attention they deserve. We take all of our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that there is no attorney’s fee obligation unless we obtain a recovery for you.

When we accept your case, we work tirelessly to seek the right results for the case. At times, we will take a challenging case that other personal injury firms decline. We invest our time, resources and energy to maximize our clients’ chances for recovery keeping our clients informed throughout the process. In some circumstances, if we are unable to take your case, we will refer you to a close network of other reputable attorneys that we work with frequently for different specialized areas. Aeton Law Partners will make these referrals for you are at no cost or expense.

Ask us to evaluate your personal injury case by contacting Aeton Law at 860-724-2163. If you have an urgent matter, you may contact one of our attorneys after hours at 860-338-0428.


Sustaining a life altering personal injury is traumatic experience and very personal. We understand that our clients require attorneys to zealously advocate for a client’s maximum recovery. We start by making sure we understand the full nature and extent of the injury and to try to help the client seek the right medical practitioners to assist with helping rehabilitation and pain and suffering. Our attorneys have worked with top medical experts and reviewed medical records for years which helps us to quickly identify the nature of the injury and how to try to maximize recovery for injuries caused by the negligence of others.


We will evaluate a wide variety of accident and injury claims. Frequently, we see accidents from motor vehicle crashes. We have handled accident cases with injuries involving cars, buses, trucks, and motorcycles. These claims may require an accident reconstruction expert to assist with prosecuting the claim against another driver. The expert will help prove who was at fault for the accident. We have worked directly with top experts in cases involving motorcycles, buses, heavy trucks, and tractor trailers. Many times these cases involve identifying violations of the federal law including federal motor carrier safety regulations.


We investigate and handle serious injury cases caused by defective products. Aeton’s lead attorney authored a publication for products liability in Connecticut. He also has been involved in Supreme Court cases on issues of significance in products liability including spoliation and the malfunction theory of product liability. These cases involve injuries from consumer product where the defect is not known because the product was destroyed. He further served on the advisory board of ALM Media’s online practice resource called Smart Litigator Connecticut under the area of products liability or defective products.

Accidents caused by a defective product fall under Connecticut’s Product Liability Act. Under the Act, all claims including negligence, breach of warranty, and inadequate warnings are brought under one count under the Act. It is a different procedure because a person injured by a product does not have to prove negligence. Once we prove that a product is defective, liability is “strict” without regard to knowledge or fault. The Act also allows for punitive damages in cases where the manufacturer is proved to have a reckless disregard for the safety of consumers.

In Connecticut, a fact finder will determine whether a product is defective by evaluating whether the product is reasonable safe or meets consumer’s expectations. This is typically called the consumer expectation test. A product might be defective in its manufacturing or as a matter of its design. A product might also be defective if the warnings that come with the product are inadequate considering the dangers of the product.


In Connecticut, claims for negligence arising from a fatal accident are permitted by Connecticut General Statute. The statute permits an Estate to pursue recovery on behalf of the individual who sustained the fatal injuries. An Estate is entitled to recover damages for loss of life’s enjoyment, loss of future earnings, medical and funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

We understand the devastation that happens when a family member sustains fatal injuries. In these situations, our goal is to make the family comfortable that the cause of the accident will be investigated thoroughly and if there is negligence, a claim will be pursued. If there is any possibility that another party is at fault for the accident, it is important to contact an attorney early in the process. Even if you are not sure that there are grounds for a claim, contact us and we will investigate at no charge.

Early investigation is critical. You can be sure that the at-fault party and their insurance company will be taking immediate action to gather critical evidence to defend any potential claim. Many times, both sides are racing to collect and gather evidence and the results can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the case. For example, we recently investigated a fatal accident where the family was not even aware of negligence. The family came to us to wrap up the Estate and property matters. During the course of learning the details, we suspected something had occurred worth investigating. As a result of the early investigation, we determined there could be multiple at fault parties.

Many times, wrongful death claims require involvement of experts in a variety of specialties including emergency medicine, pathology, accident reconstruction, forensics, cause and origin, or engineering. We will involve experts early on in the process if needed to provide the experts with the best possible evidence needed for the claim. These experts will help the attorney frame the case in the best possible way for court.


At Aeton, we have significant experience handling fire and explosion cases in Connecticut. We have handled numerous fire cases over the years involving electricity, arcing, welding of pipes, propane explosions, chemical reactions, defective products, and defective mechanical equipment such as furnaces or boilers. Injuries from fires are typically devastating and unfortunately many times injuries are critical causing death. It is very important to involve an attorney as early as possible in a fire case. The reason is because the evidence from a fire needs to be evaluated by experts also known as cause and origin experts. Your attorney will hire the expert to work on your behalf early in the case. If an expert is not on the scene very quickly, the scene might get altered or evidence might be lost or destroyed. Getting an expert involved right away with an attorney’s help is critical. The evidence from a fire or explosion is most valuable immediately after the fire. The sooner you have a team in place to review the fire scene or explosion, the better chance you have of recovering damages from a fire.

Typically, after a fire, the local fire marshal and fire department will respond to the scene. Many times, the local fire marshal will call for assistance to the state fire marshal’s office located in Middletown, Connecticut. For example, if a person is injured or dies in a fire in New Haven or Hartford, the local authorities will get involved but they may also call the State Police in Middletown to assist. The State Police have fire marshals that handle cases state-wide. Aeton has worked with and against fire marshals over the years and questioned many under oath for all kinds of fire cases.

Opposing parties in fire cases also typically hire their own experts in addition to working with or against the state or local fire marshals. At Aeton, we have worked with and against several top fire cause and origin experts. We have also worked with electrical engineers and laboratory specialists concerning fire cause and origin. We further have questioned opposing experts on specialized areas of fire science including state and national fire codes. We have the most well-known fire investigation guides, the National Fire Protection Association publication 921, in our office. We are familiar with the use of this guide in investigations, litigation and trial.


At Aeton Law, on several occasions, we have taken cases where the likelihood of recovery seems low upon first review. We have taken on cases that other law firms have declined. For example, we recently settled a case involving serious injuries to a bicyclist for the maximum insurance policy when other law firms had declined the case. The reason others declined the case was very simple. The police report blamed the bicycle rider and the bicyclist was rendered unconscious with no memory of the accident details. There was nothing to go on except the police report and witness statements blaming the bicyclist.

At Aeton, we took a different approach to the case. We know police officers many times make mistakes in investigations. The police report does not always tell the whole story. In fact, we recognized some inconsistencies in the police report and witness statements after visiting the scene of the accident. We located new witnesses and turned the case around. In the end, the bicyclist was not at fault and we were able to settle the case for the full policy limits of the driver who hit the bicyclist.

If you have questions about your personal injury claim, contact Aeton Law at 860-724-2160.