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Software Licensing

Located between Hartford and New Haven, our Connecticut software attorneys routinely draft technology licensing, procurement and software contracts for local, national and international companies.

Streamlined, well-structured and up-to-date form agreements and contract templates allow companies of all sizes to minimize contract administration efforts and costs and increase procurement efficiency.

Connecticut Licensing Attorneys | Form Technology Contracts and Licenses

Our Hartford software attorneys' understanding of contract law and corporate procurement best practices means we can deliver successful contracting solutions to our company clients.

Having drafted and negotiated extensive libraries of form technology and purchase agreements, authored "how to" negotiation manuals, and given lectures and presentations on contract negotiation for leading companies, our New Haven business and technology attorneys are well positioned to create substantive advantages for company clients looking to:

  • Increase contracting efficiency
  • Leverage technology expenditures
  • Implement procurement and licensing best practices
  • Mitigate business and technology risks
  • Reduce operational and process redundancy
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How can we help your organization with its procurement contract needs?

  • Review existing procurement processes and contract terms
  • Identify potential areas for overall improvement
  • Draft effective and streamlined contract templates if none exist
  • Reduce the overall number of contract templates and streamline remaining forms
  • Assist in the development of policies and contracts for use both domestically and internationally
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To learn more about how your company or organization can benefit from our extensive experience drafting procurement, technology and software contracts, contact us for a consultation with our New Haven software attorneys.