Connecticut Attorney General Settles Major Data Breach Lawsuit Against Sabre

Connecticut Attorney General Settles Major Data Breach Lawsuit Against Sabre
Connecticut Attorney General Settles Major Lawsuit Against Sabre

In June of 2017, Sabre, the parent company of Sabre Hospitality Solutions, told their customers about an ongoing data breach that had been identified. Apparently, more than 1.3 million of their clients’ customers had been impacted. A major lawsuit against Sabre has just been settled, bringing some closure and compensation to Connecticut hotel owners affected by the data breach.

Sabre Hospitality Solutions handles hotel room bookings for different hotel and motel chains all over the country. They not only handle the bookings and reservations – they also handle payment processing for these bookings.

Between August of 2016 and March of 2017, somebody had hacked into Sabre’s security system and stole credit card information from more than 1.3 million hotel guests. Sabre did not notify their clients until June of 2017. They also did not notify the consumers affected by the breach. And, when they finally did start to notify the victims, it had been more than a year or two since the breach.

Attorney General William Tong, along with more than a dozen other Attorneys General, filed a lawsuit against Sabre as the parent company of Sabre Hospitality Solutions. More than three years later, the suit has finally settled.

As part of the settlement, Sabre is to pay its clients more than $2.4 million in damages. About $174,000 of the settlement proceeds will be distributed to Connecticut consumers and hotels.

As part of the settlement, Sabre is also required to beef up its security system and hire a third-party security company to assess their system. They must also promise to personally notify consumers instead of just letting the hotel owners know of any future breaches.

If you or your company have been impacted by the Sabre case or any other sort of data breach, make sure to contact a Connecticut business lawyer right away.


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