Trade Secrets Lawyers in Connecticut

Trade Secrets Lawyers in Connecticut

Trade secrets exist in all forms — as ideas, business processes, customer lists, market intelligence, trading strategies, and even software code — and they enable its owners to have an advantage over their business competitors.

Strategically located between Hartford and New Haven, our Connecticut trade secret attorneys understand the important role that trade secrets play for a company, and we routinely counsel our clients throughout Connecticut on the best ways to acquire, manage, protect, and enforce their valuable trade secrets.


Clients who rely on our knowledge of Connecticut trade secret law include:

Startups and Early-Stage Companies

We help new and emerging companies understand the importance of trade secrets at the onset of their business formation. Having the right contracts in place early on allows start-ups to protect key proprietary information and processes as protectable trade secrets. Our counseling extends to incoming employment, independent contractor and vendor contracts, and customer and partnering agreements.

Entrepreneurs and Individuals

Our trade secret attorneys work with entrepreneurs seeking to change their employment without violating their contractual obligations owed to current or former employers. We also counsel businesses looking to hire a competitor’s employee so as not to violate the trade secret interests of the competing business.

Established Companies

Our intellectual property attorneys provide counseling to established businesses by creating and evaluating company trade secret policies relating to unpatented products, processes, inventions, and other forms of proprietary information.

Victims of Connecticut Trade Secret Theft

Our Connecticut litigation attorneys represent the interests of businesses whose trade secrets have been stolen by former employees. The firm routinely represents clients in the enforcement of their rights under nondisclosure agreements, confidentiality provisions, non-solicitation agreements, employment contracts, and other commercial agreements.


If a competitor is using your trade secrets without your permission, our trade secret attorneys can help you enforce your rights, stop any further use, and obtain compensation for the losses your business has suffered as a result. Likewise, if you are accused or sued for trade secret theft, we can help you understand your options for resolution and minimize the possibility of any further disclosure during litigation.

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