Connecticut Product Liability Lawyer

Connecticut Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability claims are challenging to navigate as the defendant is often a large corporation dealing with the selling, supplying, distributing, and manufacturing the defective product. It would help if you worked with a qualified Connecticut product liability attorney to assist with such a case. The Connecticut product liability attorneys at Aeton Law have considerable experience working on similar cases and the resources to help you prevail. Call (860) 724-2160 now, for a free case review from our personal injury lawyers and learn how we can help you with your product liability case.

Laws For Product Liability In Connecticut

According to the Connecticut Code Section 52-572n, a product liability claim includes every action or claim brought for property damage, death, or personal injury caused by a defect in the product. A product liability claim will consist of actions based on theories like failure to instruct or warn, breach of warranty, negligence, and strict liability.

You are entitled to seek compensation if you have suffered injuries or property damage due to a defective product. Let our experienced attorneys use their skills and resources to help you navigate your product liability claim and get the compensation you deserve.

What Are The Common Causes Of Legal Action?

When you buy a product, you expect that it is safe to use for its intended purpose. That is not always the case, as some manufacturers are negligent and end up providing you with a product that causes significant harm. You can hold a manufacturer liable for the damages caused by their defective products. The common causes for legal action include:

Labeling defects

Some products are dangerous, and a manufacturer must disclose this information to keep consumers safe. A marketing defect like false advertising or mislabeling may mislead or deceive a consumer.

Manufacturing defects

This can happen when the product is transferred from design to production. The product could have been safe on paper but developed a safety hazard due to bad manufacturing practices or being manufactured with low-quality materials.

Defective design

A flawed product design can put users at risk. Design defects are typically present earlier during product development, and extensive investigation can establish that the design did not comply with the set federal and state regulations.

How To Determine Liability

The Connecticut law dictates that just because you were injured while using a product does not make that product legally defective. It will be best to work with our skilled product liability lawyers, who will analyze your case and help you establish whether or not you have a product liability case. There are three legal ways to determine product liability in Connecticut. These include:

Breach of warranty

Breach of warranty applies when the product has a written or unwritten warranty stating it is safe to use for its intended purpose, but the product fails, breaking the warranty.


This is when the at-fault party did not comply with the applicable standard of care rules. Negligence means they violated their duty to provide you with a safe product.

Strict liability

This charge applies when the at-fault party puts a defective and dangerous product on the market, harming people who used it for the intended purpose.

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Who Can Be Held Responsible For Damages?

It is essential to understand the type of product defect, as it will help us to establish the liable party for the resulting damages. The skilled and dedicated product liability attorney at Aeton Law in Connecticut performs thorough investigations and works with other experts to determine if a defect existed, if it caused your injury/accident, and the party that is legally liable for any losses and expenses you may have suffered. Here are the parties that can be held responsible for damages in a product liability case:


While a retailer is not involved in the manufacturing or designing of a defective product, they can still be held accountable for selling you a dangerous or defective product. If the defect existed while the product was in their possession, you could hold them accountable for the injuries suffered.


The wholesaler may be held responsible for your injuries for selling a defective product to retailers. Wholesalers have a responsibility to sell products that are safe to use, making them liable when they fail in that regard.


A product manufacturer can be held accountable for any injuries you may suffer after using a product if it is defective because of a manufacturing error or a design flaw.
In the case of medical products, there are two other groups that you can hold responsible:

In product liability cases involving medical malpractice in Connecticut, there are two entities that can be held liable:


You can hold a doctor who recommended a medical product responsible based on their failure to give you proper instructions or warn you about the potential dangers of the medical product.

Hospital or medical clinic

Any facility responsible for the chain distribution between you and the medical product manufacturer can be held responsible for your injuries.

Let Aeton Law Product Liability Attorneys Help You

Product liability claims are not always straightforward, as multiple parties can be held liable. At Aeton Law, we can help you collect evidence and thoroughly investigate your case to determine the responsible party. Our Connecticut product liability attorneys have worked on several product liability cases and have experience successfully pursuing these types of cases. Call (860) 724-2160 now and let us help you recover your rightful compensation.


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