Connecticut Employment Attorneys

Connecticut Employment Attorneys

At Aeton, we handle litigation and transactional work for both employees and employers.. We represent both in employment law matters throughout Connecticut, including Hartford, New Haven, and Middletown. We are conveniently located in Middletown, CT, and we offer our clients the latest legal technologies, reasonable fee agreements, experienced attorneys, and streamlined processes to deliver high-quality services at competitive prices. We work with both employers and employees depending on the matter and client. We believe our experience representing both employers and employees give us the proper perspective to bring lawsuits and defend cases. Our experience on both sides helps us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of various cases. When negotiating or reviewing contracts, we understand what is important to both the employer and the employee. This type of broad-based experience helps our clients identify critical negotiating points.


We represent businesses in a range of employment matters, including lawsuits, transactional matters, and general counseling services. We handle transactional matters, including review and drafting of executive contracts, non-disclosure agreements, assignment agreements, bonus and compensation contracts, and employee handbooks. We handle lawsuits ranging from wrongful termination to complex claims for stolen trade secrets and client lists. For example, Aeton Law Partners recently represented a client in settling claims for over one million dollars against various departing executive employees following their planned out and complicated theft and misuse of confidential information for purposes of competing businesses. We leveraged our use and knowledge of technology in these matters to digitally reconstruct the thefts and misuse of electronically stored information. This included the recovery of over 25 years of proprietary information and data from a hidden hard drive that was stolen from our client. To help prosecute these matters, we worked with experts in accounting, lost profits, damages, computer forensics, and forensic accounting.


At Aeton, we represent employees in reviewing and negotiating contracts, including severance agreements, general claims releases, executive contracts, physician agreements, and partner contracts. We review severance agreements, commission and bonus plans, and retention packages for a flat fee where applicable. We provide our objective advice to employees who seek to get increased severance pay, stock options, change in control payments, or retention bonuses. We cannot promise any particular outcome in a negotiated matter, but our past history typically has resulted in better deals for our clients both financially and in the terms and conditions of employment. Some of our cases involving review and negation include:

  • Executive contract review and negotiation
  • Directors and officers
  • Indemnification clauses
  • Physician employment contracts, physician non-competes, and partnership agreements.
  • Change in control bonuses, stock options, and retention agreements.
  • Relocation agreements, signing bonuses, and commission structures
  • Professional service contracts, joint venture agreements, and independent contractor agreements

We also represent employees in lawsuits, mediation, and arbitration for breach of employment contract, failure to pay commissions, bonuses, unpaid wages, and overtime claims.


We understand the challenges and opportunities facing employers and employees in these matters, and we work closely with our clients to make sure these issues are resolved in their favor.

Our lawyers will work with you to resolve your dispute outside of court through alternative dispute resolution if possible and, when necessary, we will litigate your dispute in court in order to protect your interests. We handle cases for both employer and employees involving:

  • Wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment
  • Breach of contract, breach of employment agreement
  • Theft of trade secrets, misappropriation claims, stolen intellectual property
  • Breach of non-compete, violation of non-solicitation
  • Unpaid overtime, failure to pay bonus or wages, and wage and hour claims.
  • Whistleblower claims, qui tam litigation, and False Claims Act.
  • Free speech, complaints about public concern, and public policy.

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