Connecticut Business Mediators

Connecticut Business Mediators

Connecticut Business Mediators at Aeton Law Partners

Aeton is a leading business litigation and transactional firm in Connecticut.  After more than 40 years of collective case handling experience, Aeton’s partners Kane Bennett and Jonathan Shapiro launched a full-service mediation practice dedicated to business disputes.  Attorneys Bennett and Shapiro will work individually to resolve business cases or as part of team working together on larger cases. They handle mediations in-person or remotely at the preference of the parties.  Mediations are scheduled on a flat fee basis for half-days, or full days. Additional time may be spent at the option the parties on an hourly basis before or after mediation.

Resolve Your Business Dispute With Experienced Business Attorneys

Attorneys Bennett and Shapiro bring a unique perspective to mediation.  Their law practices consist largely of business clients in litigation and transactional matters.  Their collective experience offers perspective attorneys and their clients a broad base of common sense and creative solutions to common business disputes.  They both have been part of trial and litigation in small cases and complex matters lasting years, as well as countless types of business settlements and transactions.  They offer the parties in mediation real world experience on the possible outcomes in cases specific to the area of business.  Business litigation cases often have issues not easily understood by typical mediators.  That is why picking a mediator who understands the issues saves time, money, and increases the chances of a successful outcome.

Throughout the course of their litigation and trial careers, Attorneys Bennett and Shapiro have become knowledgeable about the various types of businesses and the complex issues that arise in negotiations over value.  An ordinary mediator will need to be brought up to speed and there will be a steep learning curve.   At Aeton, not only do they offer the first-hand experience, the mediators have the resources of a tax attorney and accountant experts to assist when needed.  Often times mediations break down over the tax implications of settlements or certain disputes.  When requested by the parties, Aeton offers the flexibility to add experienced tax consultations as part of the process to avoid these issues.  These services will need to be made in advance with an additional charge depending on the issues and time involved.

Hidden Benefits to Business Mediation in Commercial Cases

There are many times when the only winners in a business dispute are the attorneys.  How does this happen?  This happens when the parties involved in a business dispute spend more on legal fees than the amount in dispute.  Under the traditional “American” rule, both sides typically pay their own legal fees. This rule can result in both sides losing.  Who wins in the scenario? The attorneys win.  While the clients fight it out, the attorneys many times get paid regardless.

There are other costs to fighting in court not readily understood. Parties often fail to recognize the business costs to litigation. It is not only the attorneys’ fees.  Parties might fight over a sum of money, but they can lose sight of the economic value of not litigating.  For example, we have observed cases where settlement results in business owners moving on to double and triple their respective economic gains.  In other words, both sides win by separating and the win is only realized without the weight of litigation and hostile environment.  Without the distraction, you have an opportunity to move ahead with new motivation.  Litigation can be exhausting and without question it is a distraction. It is a distraction from growing your business. In short, peace is profitable and many times more profitable than the dispute itself.  From an economic standpoint, mediation is the preferred method to resolve business disputes because it increases the chance of settlement.

Most Business Cases Benefit From Mediation

Settlement of a business dispute is nearly always the better outcome.  Getting everyone to agree is the hard part. That is where the experience counts.  At Aeton, our business mediators N. Kane Bennett and Jonathan Shapiro have handled all types of business disputes.  Along the way, they have earned reputations as fair, practical and knowledgeable.  They have obtained countless negotiated settlements for their business clients.  They know the issues and what works from a business perspective.  They know the costs of litigation, the law, the potential outcomes, and the different types of practical resolutions that work.

Aeton has particular experience in the areas of shareholder oppression and minority shareholder rights.  These cases typically involve disputes between management, majority owners, and owners with a small percentage of ownership in a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership.  Aeton’s mediators also understand the issues surrounding business valuation. Many times the solution in a business case is one side buying out the other, or some combination.  The issue becomes how to value the company.  Aeton’s attorneys have litigated valuation cases, hired experts in valuation, and they understand the different methods used by experts. The experience helps and avoids having to rely upon the mediator learning a new area.

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