General Counsel Services

General Counsel Services


Many of our small to mid-size market business clients do not have full-time, in-house legal counsel.  However, this group of clients have a range of ongoing legal matters requiring dedicated legal counsel familiar with the business operations. That is where Aeton fits in as outside general counsel with a customized legal services role.  come into play.  Clients hire Aeton to cover all aspects of corporate law, including but not limited to, contract law, intellectual property rights, labor and employment issues, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, and strategic business planning. This allows our clients to focus on what you do best: running your business.  Aeton brings to the table years of experience advising small market businesses across various industries. We understand the unique legal challenges you face and tailor our services to fit your specific needs.

At Aeton Law Partners LLP, we offer a specialized program to small and midsized business throughout Connecticut, including Middletown, New Haven, Stamford, and Hartford, that we refer to as “General Counsel Services.” We designed our General Counsel program to be flexible to meet the needs of various clients. This can include working as part of the in-house team, whether virtually or onsite, for a set number of hours, or as outside general counsel to handle overflow and specific needs as they arise.

Our program also offers flexible pricing with several options, including monthly fixed retainers, fixed fee pricing for projects, or competitive hourly rates.


Contract Creation and Review: From client agreements to supplier contracts, our team will draft, review, and negotiate contracts to protect your interests and minimize legal risks.

Regulatory Compliance: We help you navigate the complex maze of laws and regulations applicable to your business, ensuring compliance and avoiding potential penalties.

Employment Law: Our attorneys assist with all aspects of employment law, from drafting employment contracts to resolving workplace disputes, ensuring you meet all legal obligations as an employer.

IP Protection: We can assist with assignment agreements, licensing, non-disclosure agreements, and registering trademarks.

Dispute Resolution: When legal disputes arise, our lead litigators and trial attorneys guide you through the resolution process, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Strategic Business Planning: We don’t just provide legal advice; we become strategic business partners, providing valuable insights that can help shape the future of your business.

We provide all-encompassing general counsel services to our business clients without the costs associated with a full-time, on-staff attorney. Our lawyers handle issues proactively as they arise to  allow our clients to keep costs low and continue focusing on their business.

To learn more about our areas of focus and expertise, see our practice areas overview.


Many small to mid market businesses want flexible options for legal billing.   Aeton offers several models from the traditional billable hour arrangement to a range of flexible arrangements tailored to the needs of small businesses.  There is not a one-sized fits all approach to the best model.  Regardless, the foundation for success with of any of these models requires mutual respect and trust by the client and attorney. Your contact partner at Aeton can discuss with you the type of arrangement that works best.  Here are some common legal service arrangements at Aeton:

  1. Retainer-Based Services: This involves a fixed monthly or annual fee in exchange for an agreed-upon range of legal services. This is ideal for businesses that need regular legal assistance and prefer the certainty of a set fee. The scope of work can be adjusted as your business needs change.
  2. Fixed-Fee Services: For businesses with specific, clearly-defined legal needs, a fixed fee service can be provided. This might apply to tasks like drafting a contract, registering a trademark, or setting up a corporate entity.
  3. Hourly Rate Services: This traditional model works well for businesses where the lawyer bills for actual time spent, in increments.  Many Aeton clients prefer this relationship after years of working together without issue.
  4. Project-Based Services: This arrangement is suitable for finite projects such as a business acquisition or a specific litigation case. A fee is set for the completion of the entire project, regardless of the time it takes.
  5. Discounted Blended Rate: For this arrangement, Aeton will provide a discounted rate off our standard rates for one set rate for all attorneys in the firm.  This is referred to as a blended rate and all attorneys bill at the same rate provided both sides agree that the work is assigned to the appropriate level attorney depending on the matter.
  6. Contingency Fee Arrangement: In some cases, particularly litigation, an attorney might agree to a contingency fee, meaning the lawyer’s payment is contingent upon winning the case. The attorney receives a percentage of the settlement or judgment.
  7. Hybrid Models: A combination of any of the above arrangements can also be employed to meet specific needs. For instance, a retainer might cover routine legal work, with an hourly rate applying for any work outside the retainer’s scope.


Given the range and depth of our Connecticut business attorneys, Aeton is able to handle a broad range of legal challenges that our clients encounter through successive phases of growth. We’re small enough to establish personal relationships with our clients, while having the broad legal experience to bring sharply focused professional expertise to bear on complex legal problems and business challenges.

For clients who require counseling in specialized areas such as tax law, environmental law, or immigration law, we can draw upon our own collaborative networks to make sure that their needs are fully met. For the core areas listed above, however, you’ll find our business attorneys to be prompt and resourceful advisers that are fully aware of our clients’ business goals, budgets, and resource pressures.


For more information on how our Connecticut general counsel services can serve the needs and advance the interests of your company, contact us for a consultation.

Our offices at the Centerpoint CT office complex in Middletown, Connecticut, are conveniently situated at the crossroads of Connecticut on the Cromwell/Middletown line along the I-91 corridor between Routes 9, 15, and 372 and I-691, just a short drive from Bradley International Airport.  We also have offices in New Haven, Bristol, Vernon and West Hartford. Contact us today to discuss your small business needs. (860) 724-2160.


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