Partner and Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements among partners and shareholders in a business typically occur years after the legal documents (i.e., LLC agreement, partnership agreement or corporate bylaws) have been signed and the business has been in operation for some time.

Certain personal and business events, (i.e., relocation of the partners, disagreements over the direction of the business, business slow down) often lead to a review and reexamination of those documents. Typically, this is when a conversation with a business lawyer can be helpful to better understand the rights and obligations of the business partners.

Connecticut Business Disputes

At Aeton, we represent company owners, partners and shareholders throughout Connecticut and the U.S. in resolving, mediating, arbitrating and litigating business disputes. Many of our clients include members of professional groups such as doctors, engineers and technology professionals. We also represent clients in a wide range of businesses from IT service providers to business process outsourcing providers, to insurance and financial services companies.

Our Connecticut business attorneys handle company disputes that involve:

  • Improper payment of business expenses
  • Improper distribution of funds
  • Disagreements over ownership rights and interests
  • Breach of loyalty and breach of fiduciary duty to the company
  • Forced sale of a business
  • Improper ownership dilution
  • Allegations of fraud committed by a partner or business owner
  • Dissolution-related disputes involving client lists and confidential information

Typically, these disputes often involve whether a partner or shareholder can engage in a particular activity, and if so, what duty they owe to another partner. Many times, this requires a thorough analysis and interpretation of the agreements that govern the operation and ownership of the business.

Protecting Your Interests as a Shareholder or Partner

The same laws that protect shareholders of large corporations are also available to shareholders and partners in small- to mid-sized companies. Many of our clients are partners, members or shareholders in small- to mid-sized businesses including closely held and family businesses.

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