Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: the Evidence You Need

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: the Evidence You Need
sexual harassment in the workplace

It is pretty challenging to prove sexual harassment. In most cases, the victim and the harasser’s words are usually against each other. However, despite how difficult it can be to prove harassment, it is still crucial that you take action. As employment attorneys, sexual harassment in the workplace shouldn’t be taken lightly. When left unchecked, it could get to a point where the victim no longer feels safe, or the harasser begins to target other co-workers.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is something no one should ever have to experience. But, if you have been a victim of sexual harassment and want to take action, it’s normal to wonder what evidence you will need. Aeton Law Partners employment lawyers will walk you through all the evidence you need to prove sexual harassment in the workplace. If you need legal representation, contact our law firm.

What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Now that you know that it is possible to prove sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s essential to know the evidence needed. In this section, we’ll be exploring the different pieces of proof required to prove sexual harassment.

Proof that You Reported the Behavior

Before you take legal actions against your harasser for sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to ensure you have already made a report in the workplace. Although there are times when making a report doesn’t help things, it leads to retaliation. However, you will still need proof that you reported the harassment to the right person in the company. It is a vital piece of evidence. You should also prove that your employer did or did not do anything about it.


People often don’t have correspondences to show that sexual harassment occurred in the workplace. However, if you’re lucky to have this, it can be valuable in harassment cases. Communications can be written like emails or text messages; they could also be verbal like recordings or voicemails.

You could also present pictures or videos of the harassment as evidence. If you believe you’re experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you should save any communication with your harasser. This is critical even if you don’t think it will be helpful in your case.

Witness Testimonies

There’s also a chance that other people were aware of the harassment taking place. If you can get someone else to confirm that there was sexual harassment, it could benefit your case. However, this isn’t common.

Witness testimonies in a sexual harassment case are not easy to get. If other employees witnessed the harassment, convince them to testify and report what they saw. It doesn’t matter how little they saw; it could still turn out to be a valuable part of the case.

Contemporaneous Notes

Usually, it’s the victim’s word against the harasser’s. That’s why keeping a log of notes detailing the harassment is vital. If you believe you’re experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, keep a detailed note of occurrence to serve as evidence. When you don’t take notes after it occurs, you can easily forget little details to strengthen your case.

Timestamp for Adverse Action

Employees are allowed to report sexual harassment without fear of retribution. Therefore, if they took any adverse action against you after you made a report, you’re a victim of unlawful retaliation. Consequently, you should save any evidence you have to prove this.

Under state and federal regulations, employers are responsible for investigating all sexual harassment claims fairly. The right employment lawyer will also begin a concurrent investigation to ensure no evidence is left unsecured.

Your Employer’s Sexual Harassment Policy

Most employee handbooks provide you with information about the company’s sexual harassment policy. If there’s a policy, it should be a piece of evidence in your case. For example, the policy could explain what the company considers sexual harassment in the workplace and its consequences.

Let a Connecticut Employment Lawyer Assist With Your Case

Getting evidence for your sexual harassment case can be overwhelming. But that’s why you shouldn’t go through it alone. If you experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, you must have someone experienced by your side who’s determined to get you justice. At Aeton Law Partners, we understand the challenges of moving forward after sexual harassment in the workplace.

Our skilled employment lawyers know the proper evidence to prove that harassment occurred and how to obtain it. In addition, Aeton Law Partners are available to provide you with the legal guidance you need to get justice for what took place. Therefore, contact us today to get assistance from an employment lawyer.

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