Hartford Wage and Hour Dispute Lawyer

Hartford Wage and Hour Dispute Lawyer

When you are worried about the amount of money being paid to you for your services, it becomes important to understand what your legal rights are as an employee. A lot of people don’t know where to get started when it is time to handle a dispute of this nature. This is why it is important to engage a Hartford wage and hour dispute lawyer.

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Connecticut Overtime Laws And Exemptions

There are specific regulations concerning overtime laws in Connecticut. The state has a set of exempt duties that cannot be cited for overtime pay. This can include things such as firing employees, handling credit policies, scheduling employees, and handling employee performance reviews.

On the other hand, other duties such as equipment repairs, vehicle operation, merchandise deliveries, and sweeping the floors are classified as non-exempt.

It is important to go through these details with one of our lawyers to better learn what is exempt and what is not. Call Aeton Law for help at (860) 724-2160.

Potential Violations For Wage and Hour Laws

There are specific requirements when it comes to determining what is legal and what is not. These requirements are determined to validate acceptable actions related to paying employees.

Refuse To Pay Overtime

One of the most common examples of violating wage and hour laws comes in the form of not paying overtime.

If an individual is taking time out of their schedule to work for the business, the employer needs to compensate them for this time.

Many businesses will assume it is okay to ask for a few minutes here or there but that is untrue. Any job-related duties are covered under the concept of overtime.

Misclassification Of Workers

There are situations where the employer will try to play with the legalities of an employee’s position in the company.

This can include the term being used to describe them and their role. Many issues arise due to questions about what is permitted and what is not based on an individual’s position in the organization.

Any type of misclassification can be used as a way to get out of paying additional wages. However, this is illegal and it is important to reach out to a wage and hour dispute lawyer in Hartford to help with such a claim.

Neglect Compensation For Workers Injuries

If an employee has gotten injured while working for the business, it becomes important to compensate them. However, a lot of businesses refuse to do this and that can trigger a dispute.

There are specific legal rights in place for employees that get injured. If these are not met, it is against the law and a claim can be filed. Both parties need to be on the same page when it comes to compensation.

Paying Employees Less Than The Minimum Wage

A dispute can move forward when the minimum wage standard is not being upheld. There are strict requirements in place for how much an employee should be paid per hour. If the minimum wage mark is not met, it can be a violation and open for dispute.

It is recommended to seek counsel in such matters so you are not left in a difficult situation with no way out.

Retaliate Against Those Who Have Exercised Their Legal Rights

An employer can try retaliating when it comes to a wage dispute. This is not allowed in the state of Connecticut and can lead to severe penalties for the employer along with losing the dispute itself.

It is essential to keep track of any form of retaliation that takes place from the employer. If you believe this is a legitimate concern,  you should reach out to a trusted lawyer at Aeton Law as soon as you can.

Fail To Give Workers Breaks

Sometimes employers will neglect other rights associated with being an employee, including breaks. If an employee is not getting scheduled breaks this can be against the law.

An employer needs to provide breaks for an employee to recuperate and maximize their performance at the workplace. If they are not getting these breaks, it is possible it can be classified as inhumane on the part of the employer.

Connecticut employment law requires mandatory breaks during the workday.

If you have concerns about any of these issues, reach out to one of our Hartford lawyers now.

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How Do I File A Wage Dispute Claim In Connecticut?

When it is time to move forward with a wage dispute claim, you will have many details requiring attention, including a list of steps that have to be followed before you move forward with the claim.

Record The Hours Worked

When you are trying to file a wage dispute claim, it’s important to make sure you are recording everything associated with the process.

This includes the amount of time you are working during the day, including total hours. If you are not doing this, you will have a much harder time with the dispute.

The amount of time you put into the workday will play a role in how you are compensated later on.

Request For Paycheck

You should always have a paycheck in hand to illustrate how much you were getting paid.

This can help show the discrepancy between what you should have been paid and what you were ultimately paid by the employer.

Fill Out A Complaint Form

It is recommended to set up a complaint form to let your concerns be known. This will act as proof that you did try to find a way to resolve the matter but the employer was refusing to listen.

This can bode well for your chances during the claims process.

Send The Wages Complaint Form With A Written Cover Letter

You will want to make sure there is a wages complaint form written up along with a cover letter illustrating what your concerns are.

This can go a long way in making things easier for you when it is time to make a legal claim.

Mail The Two Documents

When you are taking the time to set up a wage dispute claim, it is important to mail both documents to the right party. You will want to ensure the claim goes through and you have all of the relevant information in hand for the justice system.

This will make it easier to move forward with the claim and see the results you are hoping to see.

How Can A Lawyer Help With My Claim?

Lawyers can always take the time to go through each detail when it is time to file this sort of claim.

You will want a trusted law firm such as Aeton Law alongside for the journey. This will ensure you know what the underlying legalities are, how to manage the legal claim, and how to ensure you come out on the right end of a wage dispute.

A lot of mistakes can be made during this process, which is why you have to take the time to go through each detail with a competent lawyer. It will save you a lot of trouble throughout the case.

For more help with your wage and hours dispute claim, please take the time to give us a call.

Can An Employer Retaliate If I File A Wage Dispute Claim?

It is against the law for an employer to use any type of retaliation when it comes to handling a wage dispute claim. If the claim has been submitted, the employer cannot terminate the employee and/or use other measures to harass them or put pressure on them.

If this is done, it can be used in the claims process and weaken the employer’s standing in front of the court. It can also lead to additional penalties depending on what type of retaliation was used. Having a lawyer to represent your employee rights is crucial in this process.

Contact the Employment Lawyers at Aeton Law for Help with Your Wage & Hour Disputes

When it is time to fight for your rights in Connecticut, it’s essential to understand what your legal options are.

This includes taking the time to go through each detail, analyzing how you are going to draw up the legal claim, and which approach will work the best for your situation. In these types of legal matters, it is essential to go with a trusted law firm such as ours at Aeton Law.

We are a competent team of professionals and will know how to handle these disputes. Get started with one of our Connecticut employment lawyers by calling us now at (860) 724-2160.



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