Should You Hire a Business Lawyer?

Should You Hire a Business Lawyer?
Hire a Business Lawyer

If you are new in this, you have two options – success or failure. Often the success depends on your legal advice. You do not have to have any legal problems to hire a business lawyer. Let’s say you want to start a new business or buy a new business; you will need a good employment lawyer to give you answers to your questions.

It is better to have a business lawyer and go through the legal system when starting your new business than trying to figure things out on your own.

Let’s see some of the reasons why hiring a Connecticut business lawyer can be a good move for your business.

Yes, You Need an Attorney

You know that you will need a lawyer when you realize that you don’t know what to do with that legal issue that is bothering you for a while. Here is what an experienced business lawyer can do for you:

  • A tax lawyer can help you and your business partners if you want to make allocations of profit and losses in your business partnership. Also, this attorney can help you if you’re going to contribute appreciated property to a company or LLC.
  • If a former employee threatens to file a lawsuit for reasons such as discrimination or sexual harassment, you will need an attorney to help you.
  • You want to buy a new business, but you are not sure what legal steps you need to take; your lawyer will help you go through the process.

Making mistakes in your business means a significant loss of money. The help of a business lawyer can prevent that and can save you time, nerves, and inadequate investment moves.

You Won’t Always Need a Business Lawyer

There will be cases when it isn’t necessary to hire a business lawyer. Some business steps can be done without hiring a lawyer. Here is what you can do without a lawyer:

  • File invented a business name statement if you want to continue your business under a different name.
  • Research and reserve a trade name or trademark for your business.
  • Form your corporation, LLC, or partnership.
  • Apply for and reserve your domain name if you create an online business.
  • Apply for business employer identification number (EIN).
  • Lease commercial space, interview and hire employees, and complete IRS paperwork.
  • Apply for needed business permits and licenses.

You can use online self-help literature to do these tasks and save a lot of money on legal fees.

Now that your business is running, you will need to complete some more legal tasks, including:

  • Document LLC meetings and actions.
  • Hire independent consultants and contractors, and create written agreements for them.
  • Create written contracts with clients for selling or renting goods.
  • Handle an IRS audit.
  • Hold corporate meetings, preparing corporate minutes.

Use self-help resources so you can finish any legal task that comes your way, without hiring a lawyer (at least if you are still careful with your budget).

When to Team Up with a Lawyer

Many people who run their business prefer to have a business lawyer who is part of their team. This way, they can have him or her by their side for any question or issue they face in their business. Your business lawyer will help you skip the potential obstacles and work legally, be protected, and regularly informed about potential risks.

How to Hire a Business Lawyer?

If you are looking for a business lawyer and want to make your search easier, share your business’ requirements with a person who you trust, such as a friend who has experience in collaborating with attorneys or an actual attorney who has worked for you.

You will need someone trustworthy and competent, with rich experience in the area. If you are seeking a recommendation, get more than one so you can pick out of several excellent choices.

Most people see lawyers as people who will represent you in court (and they can if you have civil or criminal process), but in most cases, you won’t need a courtroom litigator. You will need a legal counsel who will help you in your daily business tasks in a specific business area.

Whatever your final choice is, make sure you hire a Connecticut business law firm who has a solid experience, a good reputation, and is known for his or her successful work.

For any question you have about business attorneys, call our firm, and schedule your consultation. We are here to help your Connecticut business go smooth and without problems.

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