How An Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help Your Connecticut Business

How An Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help Your Connecticut Business
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Connecticut businesses, large and small, increasingly rely upon intellectual property assets to give them a competitive edge. Trademarks, copyrights, licensing agreements, and branding are all important pieces of the puzzle. If used correctly, these assets can set your company apart.

But there’s a risk that a competitor may infringe upon your intellectual property rights. On the other hand, you may be accused of violating another party’s rights. It’s imperative that you retain experienced intellectual property attorneys to help with these and related matters. Reach out to Aeton Law Partners.


A trademark is a unique symbol, word, or phrase that identifies a company’s goods and services. The goal of a trademark is for customers to associate it with your brand. It should also not be confused with another trademark. Our firm can assist with:

  • Developing your own trademark as part of your overall business branding strategy
  • Investigating other trademarks to determine whether there are any similar or potentially confusing ones
  • Trademark registration, including preparing and filing all paperwork
  • Counseling businesses on their legal rights associated with the usage and enforcement of their trademark
  • Registering web domains that protect a company’s trademarks
  • Advising businesses regarding corporate transactions that could implicate trademark issues
  • Trademark litigation, including prosecution and defense of opposition filings in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Appealing adverse decisions to the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board


A copyright protects original, creative works of authorship. Businesses that produce written materials, graphic designs, works of art, and other creative expressions may need copyright protection. A creative work is copyrighted when fixed in tangible form. However, copyright registration is needed to enforce the copyright.

With that in mind, we can help with:

  • Copyright registration, including preparation and filing of all necessary documents
  • Advising your business as to its copyright protections and related legal rights
  • Assisting your company with copyright licensing, including negotiating and executing licensing agreements
  • Legal action to enforce copyrights and defend against alleged copyright violations
  • Counseling your company as to business acquisitions and other transactions that may invoke copyright matters

Licensing Agreements

Intellectual property can also be produced for purposes of licensing it to third parties. Our attorneys can facilitate all aspects of the intellectual property licensing process. We will do so in a way that maximizes profits while protecting your company’s rights. We can work with your business to:

  • Prepare, negotiate, draft, and execute license agreements, transfers, and similar documents
  • Engage in litigation concerning license agreement breaches, including the use of alternative dispute resolution
  • Defend your company against alleged breaches of intellectual property licenses

Software, Website, and Application Development

Companies frequently design software, websites, and applications to promote and sell their products and services. These digital and electronic assets play an essential role in branding. Let our legal team assist with:

  • Copyright and trademark creation and enforcement in the context of software, websites, and similar digital content
  • End-user software licensing agreements
  • Risk assessment and advice for code developers who use third-party content, materials, and tools
  • Initiating legal action to protect domain names from infringement and misuse
  • Litigation to enforce your software and digital rights, including the use of alternative dispute resolution

Let Our Seasoned Business Law Attorneys Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property should help your company increase profits and market reach. But it needs to be rigorously protected from competitors and others who may exploit it. It’s also important to have legal representation if someone alleges you’ve violated another party’s intellectual property.

For these and related legal needs, turn to the business law attorneys of Aeton Law Partners. Call us today to get started.

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