Middletown Car Accident Lawyer

Middletown Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are one of the most frightening and devastating experiences in life. More often than not, we see reports on the news about car crashes in Middletown, Connecticut, and wish that it does not happen to us. However, accidents are inevitable, and no matter how careful you are, you are bound to get into one at a particular time in your life. When they happen, they have severe consequences for the victim and the family. The expensive medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning capacity can drain the family financially, emotionally, and psychologically.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a car accident in Connecticut, Aeton Law is there for you. Our Middletown car accident lawyers have years of experience in these matters and have helped several victims like you get the compensation they deserve. We are well-versed with Connecticut’s laws and will ensure that you get a strong claim in court.

Insurance teams have teams of expert adjusters and attorneys that deal with accidents daily. They know all the tricks and ways to lowball you into a settlement. However, our attorneys will help you face them and ensure that you are not at their mercy, but instead, get maximum compensation for your losses. Call 860-785-2099 today to schedule a free consultation with our personal injury lawyers.

Car Accident Statistics In Connecticut

According to the 2017 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, it was discovered that 43% of all traffic fatalities involved drunk drivers. It has a rate of 3.4 DUI fatalities for every 100,000 people, which is not a great figure. In 2018, The United States reported 36,560 casualties from the 33,654 fatal car accidents that year. The same year, Connecticut had 276 fatal crashes and 294 deaths as a result. This means that there were 8.2 deaths per every 100,000 people and 93 deaths per 100 million miles traveled in a vehicle. The observed seat belt use was at 92%.

Based on the United States Traffic Data, the projections for pedestrian deaths in 2019 were at 6590, with most of them caused by reckless driving, DUI behaviors, and distracted drivers. Projections of traffic fatalities in 2019 show that about 36,120 people died in motor vehicle accidents. In 2020, The National Safety Council reported an increase in roadway deaths by 42% in Connecticut. It shows that the car accident statistics in Connecticut are worrying and quite disturbing. Most of these were caused by distracted driving, speeding, driving under the influence, and driving in unsafe conditions.

How Much Does A Middletown Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

When you are involved in a car accident, there is an overwhelming list of things that you need to deal with financially. These include medical bills, insurance payments, and fees. These can weigh you down, and the last thing you need is to add legal costs to everything else. However, there is some good news. Here at Aeton Law, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you do not have to pay us any money until we win the case for you. If we lose, then you do not have to pay us anything.

A man with a neck injury after an auto accident,

It is a spectacular deal for you as you will not have to go back to your pockets and pay colossal attorney fees. You will only pay us a percentage of the settlement once we win. Amazing, right? Also, you do not have to pay any consultation fees as it is free. Therefore, all you need is to contact us and let us help you. You can ask all your questions during the free consultation to help build your confidence.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

The steps to follow after a car accident are crucial as they’ll make or break your case. Below are some of the crucial things to do to ensure that you have a strong claim in court.

Contact Police

Whether it is a minor fender-bender or a major crash, it is always recommended to call the police. Even though the accident was minor and no one seemed injured, always call the police as one of the involved parties may note that they were injured days later, hence file a claim in court. The police officers on duty will fill out an accident report based on what happened and also document the scene.

If the police cannot come to the accident scene, ensure that you go to the nearest station and do the report yourself, with their help. This is because the insurance company will need a report to prove that you were indeed in a car accident and injured as a result.

Check on Other Involved Parties

If you are not seriously hurt to move around, check on the other parties. You could start with the passengers in the car and the other vehicles and pedestrians if there were any. Your first-aid may help save someone’s life; therefore, do not leave the accident scene at any cost.

Exchange Info

After checking and ensuring that all involved parties are okay, you are advised to exchange information with the other driver. Get their full name and contact information, their insurance company and policy number, the accident’s location, the driver’s license and the plate number, and the type and model of the vehicle. If there were passengers and witnesses at the scene, get their full names and contact information to help build your case.

Record the Scene

If you have your mobile phone with you, record the accident scene and any other things vital to the case. Here, take pictures of the vehicles involved and the injuries that you sustained. Also, record yourself giving a detailed account of what happened since you may forget some intricate details due to shock from the accident. Therefore, give all the details you can remember and those of your witnesses as it will help you later on.

Never Admit Fault

No matter how guilty you feel about the accident, never admit fault! This is because your words may be used against you in court, and you will be held liable. Therefore, only talk to the police and your attorney about the case and not talk with the other parties about the accident, no matter what.

Seek Medical Attention

In many car accidents, most people report injuries a day or two after the crash. Most of them do not have any symptoms after the crash, but it worsens after some days. Therefore, it is always advised to seek medical attention, whether or not you feel any pain. This will help you as you may sustain more permanent injuries as a result. Talk to your medical practitioners, and let them examine you. They will prepare a medical report that you can use later to prove that you were injured due to the crash.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer!

Once you are involved in a car accident, it is vital to contact your Aeton attorney. They will help protect your rights and ensure that no evidence is destroyed. Also, since the insurance company will want to talk to you as soon as the accident has happened, the attorney will guide you on dealing with the situation to ensure that you are protected.

They will also offer you legal advice on any issues you have and show you how to navigate them with no problems. Going on this journey on your own will take a toll on you as you already have a lot on your plate. we will help you navigate this gruesome process.

When Should I Get a Lawyer for my Auto Accident?

For your best chances of winning your case, it is advised to immediately contact your auto accident attorney after the accident or a day or two after it happens. The sooner, the better for you, as they will maximize what they can do to build your case and ensure that you have a strong claim. This is especially crucial if someone suffered injuries as a result of the accident. Insurance companies have teams of attorneys and adjusters who will start evaluating your injury claim right away. Most of them will give you an offer within a few days after the accident in the hopes of taking advantage of your situation.

A lawyer reviewing a car accident injury claim with a client in Middletown.

At this time, since you do not know the extent of the injuries, the need for future treatment, and the costs needed, you may accept it. Therefore, for you to level the playing field, you need an experienced attorney as facing them on your own will be the wrong move, and you will be at their mercy. You might end up settling for a low settlement that you do not deserve, and in the worst case, they may even deny it.

Why do I Need a Lawyer?

Representing yourself in a car accident case can be quite overwhelming as you do not have the knowledge and skill needed to win. Here is where an attorney comes in. Below are the benefits of hiring a lawyer.

Case Preparation / Filing a Lawsuit

The attorney will prepare for the case by gathering all the relevant evidence needed for the case. These include lost wage information, witness statements, police reports, and medical records. They will also file the lawsuit within Connecticut’s stipulated timelines to ensure that the case is not dismissed and compensation denied. The act of filing a lawsuit has so many deadlines, and you may forget some of them if you do them alone. Your attorney will ensure that they adhere to all the deadlines.

Settlement Negotiation

If both parties agree to settle the matter out of court, the attorney will negotiate with the automobile insurance company to come up with a fantastic deal for you. The settlement process is usually complicated, and it requires someone who is experienced with how insurance companies operate. If the attorney is not experienced, you will be lowballed into a settlement you don’t deserve. Aeton law car accident attorneys have dealt with numerous insurance companies, and we know how to fight for you. We will work to ensure that you get the deal that you deserve.

Trial Preparation & Representation

In cases where both parties do not agree on a viable settlement, then the case will proceed to court. Here, your attorney will still walk with you. They will use all the evidence gathered to prove your case in front of the judge and jury. They will represent you and be your champion in court.

What Type of Damages Can I Recover In Connecticut?

Damages refer to the costs incurred as a result of your injuries and losses after an accident. However, it is crucial to note that every car accident is different; hence what you recover may differ from what another person is awarded.


These are the tangible costs incurred due to the accident. They include past, current, and future medical care costs such as prescriptions, laboratory testing, custodial care, rehabilitation services, physical therapy, and surgery. They also include lost wages, estimated future lost wages, property damage, and lost earning capacity.


These refer to the intangible losses incurred due to the accident. They include pain and suffering, loss of life’s enjoyment, mental anguish and emotional stress, and loss of consortium.


The judge usually awards these for the defendant’s reckless behavior. They are meant to punish the wrongdoer and prevent a repeat of the same in the future. They are quite rare in Connecticut. The amount of punitive damages awarded in Connecticut is usually limited to the claimant’s legal fees and costs incurred while pursuing the claim.

How Is Fault Determined In Connecticut?

For you to get compensated in your Middletown, Connecticut car accident claim, you need to prove that the other driver was at fault. If you do not do so, then you won’t get compensated. Connecticut is an at-fault state, meaning that the party found responsible will be financially liable for all the damages incurred.

Reach out to a Middletown car accident lawyer at Aeton Law.

Connecticut also uses the modified comparative negligence system where the plaintiff can recover damages even if they were partly at fault. However, this only works if the other party or parties take 51% or more blame. If that is not the case, then you will not get compensated for losses incurred. Therefore, you need to prove the fault of the other parties; but the process is not that easy. You will need testimonies from the eyewitnesses, expert testimony from a medical practitioner or accident expert, photographic evidence of your injuries and vehicle damages, police report, and traffic records of the accident.

How Long Do I Have To File A Car Accident Claim In Connecticut?

In the state of Connecticut, you have a two-year period within which you must file a claim. This means that if you file a claim later than two years from the accident date, it will be dismissed, and you will be barred from any compensation.

If the accident caused someone’s death, you could file a wrongful death claim as the deceased’s family. However, the statute of limitations here is two years from when the victim passed on, but not the accident date. According to the General Statutes of Connecticut section 52-555, you are not allowed to make a wrongful death claim if more than five years have passed since the victim’s death.

What Can I Do if Insurance Denied My Claim?

There are numerous reasons why an insurance company may deny your claim, such as your failure to submit all the required information or because they are acting out of bad faith. The other reasons include:

Reckless Driving

There is a Failure to Take Care Clause in insurance policies that handle reckless driving cases. There is also a Breach of Road Traffic Regulations clause where the claim is rejected if you broke the law when the accident occurred, such as driving under the influence and overspeeding.

The Policy Lapsed

if the other party has not kept their monthly premiums up to date until the policy lapsed, the insurance company will claim there was no coverage when the accident happened.

Unlicensed Or Unspecified Drivers On Your Policy

If the person driving the vehicle when it got an accident was not listed under the policy, then the claim will be rejected. If they were unlicensed when borrowing the vehicle, it would also be rejected.

Other reasons can include:

  • You have pre-existing medical conditions such as degenerative joint disease or a previous back injury.
  • You delayed getting medical treatment after the accident.
  • No vehicle inspection was done to note any pre-existing damages.
  • Failure to have mandatory tracking devices.
  • The vehicle is unroadworthy.

Steps to follow once your Insurance denies your claim include:

Know Why The Claim Was Denied

As seen above, there are many reasons why the insurer will deny your claim. It is crucial to know if it was a correctable mistake or the company mistreated you.

Seek Legal Help

The next step is to involve your attorney. They will review the case and determine how to move forward. The attorney could also draft a demand letter to compel the insurer to state why the claim was denied or reverse their decision.

Pursue A Bad Faith Insurance Claim

If you note that the insurer is acting in bad faith, you can pursue a bad faith insurance claim against them. In Connecticut, under chapter 704 of the statute, the insurance companies have a legal duty to use good faith in their settlement practices. Denying or delaying your claim constitutes a violation of the law. You will be able to recover compensatory damages, punitive damages, legal fees, and consequential damages.

A man calling an attorney after a car accident.

What If The Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance?

Every registered motor vehicle in Connecticut is required by law to have a car insurance policy. If you do not adhere to these rules, you could face a fine of at least $200 and have your vehicle registration suspended if you do not reinstate it. Getting compensation for injuries caused by the negligent actions of the uninsured driver is a difficult task. This is because most of them do not have money or assets to do so. Your claim may be uncollectible since the court cannot force them to pay the settlement after you have won the case.

An Aeton car accident attorney will come in handy in this situation. They will help you file the car accident claim against your insurance provider as they will not be willing to cover the costs completely. Here, you will then go into an arbitration that will cover the accident’s damages.

How Can I Obtain An Accident Report In Connecticut?

You can access your accident report online. This process usually takes up to 10 business days after the accident for you to obtain it. For the accident reports that cannot be accessed online, the certified copies’ requests must be made via mail. You can request a copy of the incident or accident report by mailing a complete form, DPS-96-C “Request for Copy of Report.” You should then mail it to the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. You can also obtain it physically by going to the nearest local Middletown law enforcement agency.

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When you have been injured due to a car accident in Middletown, Connecticut, contact a car accident attorney to help you get justice. Insurance companies are massively profitable businesses that will not be on your side once you get into an accident. They will do all they can to pay you less money or deny the claim. Here is where we come in. We will fight against the at-fault parties to ensure that you get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

We have represented many injured Connecticut victims over the years and have helped them get the justice and compensation they deserved. Therefore, we are highly experienced in taking on this case and help ease some of your burdens. Why suffer alone when we can help you focus on your healing while we fight for you? Contact us today at 860-785-2099 and schedule a free and no-obligation consultation.


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