Staying Safe From Pedestrian Accidents in Middletown

Staying Safe From Pedestrian Accidents in Middletown
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Pedestrian accidents are one of the most common types of traffic accidents in Middletown, Connecticut. This kind of accident happens when a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian.  In other words, pedestrian accidents usually involve someone on foot and an automobile. Also, this type of accident typically occurs in places with a high concentration of pedestrians, like sidewalks and parking lots.

Pedestrian accidents are pretty common because of the difference in speed between humans and motor vehicles. Since cars move much faster than pedestrians, it’s easy for drivers to misjudge the pedestrians’ speed and vice-versa. So, pedestrians who are in a vehicle’s blind spot are highly susceptible to accidents.

Like car accidents, pedestrian crashes can cause excruciating pain and devastating injuries to the victims. In severe cases, the victims die. So, in this article, we’ve developed important strategies to help every road user avoid pedestrian accidents. If you’re already a victim of one, it’s essential to speak immediately with a pedestrian accident attorney.

What Are the Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Middletown?

We’ve highlighted three of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents below:

  • Distracted Driving 

Distracted driving causes a significantly high number of pedestrian accidents in Middletown. This happens when a driver loses focus on the road, majorly because they were immediately engaged in some other activity. For example, drivers who text and drive are at very high risk of causing pedestrian accidents. Sometimes, pedestrians get distracted on the road too.

  • Visibility Problems and Dark Lighting Conditions

Sometimes, pedestrian accidents happen because the driver cannot see properly, especially at night. This problem worsens when pedestrians wear dark clothing.

  • Recklessness 

Many pedestrian accidents are due to recklessness, from failing to obey traffic rules to moving in public while drunk.

What Can Pedestrians Do To Keep Safe?

It’s easy to avoid pedestrian accidents when you obey the basic pedestrian safety rules. Some of them are:

  • Use the Sidewalks 

Sidewalks were explicitly designed to keep pedestrians safe on the road. Ensure that you always make use of them.

  • Always Face Traffic 

One important rule for pedestrians is always to walk facing traffic. That way, you can easily see oncoming vehicles and make eye contact with the drivers.

  • Be Alert and Avoid Distractions 

It’s essential to keep focused on the road as you walk by. Avoid using your phones on the road too.

  • Make Use of Crosswalks and Marked Intersections

When you need to cross, it’s important to use crosswalks and marked intersections where they are available.

  • Wear Light-colored Clothing at Night 

If you have to walk on the road at night or in the dark, always stay visible. For example, you can put on bright-colored or reflective clothing.

Do Drivers Have Any Role To Play in Pedestrian Safety?

While pedestrians must be cautious on the road, drivers have a responsibility towards them too. As such, if you are a motorist, you must help to avoid pedestrian accidents by doing the following:

  • Always watch out for pedestrians and blind spots
  • Drive responsibly and obey traffic rules and signals
  • Yield the right of way when necessary
  • Watch your speed, especially in school zones and other child-concentrated spaces
  • Don’t overtake vehicles at a crosswalk

What To Do Immediately After a Middletown Pedestrian Accident

Here’s what to do after you get into a pedestrian accident:

  • Gather Important Information 

Right after an accident, try to gather as much information about the at-fault driver or rider as you can. Take pictures and videos of the vehicle that hit you if you can.

  • Seek Medical Attention 

Seeking medical attention will ensure that your injuries don’t get worse. Also, a doctor’s medical report is essential in personal injury claims.

  • Call the Police 

Dial 911 to let law enforcement know that there has been an accident. Like medical reports, a police report can help your settlement claims.

  • Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney

Before you make any recorded statement, you need to seek advice from an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

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Did you get in a pedestrian or automobile accident in Middletown? If you did, we are here to help you get through this difficult time. While you recuperate from your injuries, our pedestrian accident lawyers will ensure that you have enough compensation to get by.

At Aeton Law Partners, you can be sure of our 100% dedication to getting you justice in a short time. All you should do is focus on your recovery and handle your injury claims from start to finish. So contact us today for a free case review.

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