Personal Data Theft and Other New Age Charges

Personal Data Theft and Other New Age Charges
A cartoon of hackers infiltrating a computer.

We live in a time when nearly anyone can get a ton of personal or private information online. In fact, all the data to go through and establish enough information for identity theft is often available on a person’s Facebook account. So when is it that you might face personal data theft, personal identity theft, or other data related charges? Aeton Law has the answers.

These charges are relatively new because of the new age, with basically zero-level of privacy. When facing charges for digital or new age crimes, they can not only be scary but extremely difficult to understand. You may need to rely on a great variety of experts to combat these allegations. 

What is Personal Data Theft?

Technically this is identity theft, but many people find themselves caught between having the information to execute identity theft and not executing it. Many huge companies simply don’t put the effort needed into IT, data security, and similar because they don’t understand the risk. Identify theft is easier than ever because of how we work and operate now. The big trouble is that business owners or independent contractors don’t see it as a risk. 

Personal data can include credit card numbers, personal phone numbers, license plate numbers, ID numbers, home addresses, names, birth dates, and even an email. There are many other everyday things that fit into personal data, but often people only need two or three pieces to pull off identity theft. That makes it exceptionally easy, and that makes officers exceptionally suspicious of people who have stored this type of information.

A cartoon of hackers infiltrating a computer.

Criminal Charges Involving Personal Data

Cyber-attacks, fraud, scams, and more all fall into crimes that involve personal data. Even ransomware is the act of holding data of some form hostage with the agreement of releasing it after receiving payment. These are often clear and apparent attacks, and the approach of these types of crimes is hard to disassociate with intent. You can’t necessarily say, “Well, I accidentally wrote this ransomware and then distributed it across the world and, in return, got a lot of money.

There are many different types of cybercrimes, but essentially anything, including personal data, is a charge that will likely include charges surrounding personal data. 

Can a Business be Accountable for Data Breaches?

Absolutely, if a business is not properly secured and has not taken the appropriate steps to combat cyber-attacks, then they can be liable. Imagine if a collections company that held tons of social security numbers, addresses, and credit card numbers did nothing to protect their debtor’s information. 

While it may seem like the information you have isn’t valuable. There are many reasons for people to buy and use personal data that isn’t theirs. One great example is HIPAA. HIPAA holds all parties responsible, and that includes business professionals who are responsible for establishing security. Information Technology professionals should be very aware of these risks and should keep business owners involved in their planning and security organization plans. 

Contact a 24-Hour Criminal Lawyer.

Whenever you’re facing these types of new-age crimes, you may not understand exactly what you’re up against. The result is that many business owners or business professionals must step up against charges that they didn’t know where their responsibility or they had no idea how to accommodate in terms of security. 

People may have simply made a note on their computer of the credit card and customer’s name that they took over the phone and not realized that was mishandling personal data. What you need in these cases is a headstrong criminal lawyer who will defend your innocence without hesitation. Contacting a local attorney seems scary, but you certainly don’t want just anyone handling your case. You need to stay in business, keep your business, and probably provide for your family. 

Is It Hard to Find Criminal Lawyers in CT?

Aeton Partners in Connecticut helps people who find themselves in a legal hard spot. It’s not every day that you go through these kinds of charges, but often the business people involved simply didn’t understand the data they were handling. HIPAA and other laws or regulations are difficult to understand and handle properly. But, not understanding the law does not exempt you from it, so when facing allegations, you need support from a strong legal team. 

Contact Aeton Partners now for immediate support from identity theft allegations, criminal use of personal identifications, and even password sharing. It’s likely that you have a solid case. You just need a competent and confident attorney to build it for you.

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