What’s the Average Tractor Trailer Accident Worth in Connecticut?

What’s the Average Tractor Trailer Accident Worth in Connecticut?
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Tractor trailer accidents aren’t uncommon. Not surprisingly, one of the first questions people ask their Middletown truck accident lawyer is how much their case is worth. They just assume that, since they were involved in a crash, they’re automatically entitled to some sort of damages.

The truth is that your attorney is going to have to prove that you were injured in the tractor trailer accident. They’re also going to have to prove the specific types of damages you’ve named in your complaint. Some of the things that help determine the value of your truck accident lawsuit include the following:

  • Pictures of your injuries
  • Receipts showing how much it cost to repair your vehicle
  • A copy of your medical records along with an affidavit

Truck Accidents Tend to Be More Serious than Other Motor Vehicle Crashes

Because tractor trailers are so much larger than cars, there’s a good chance the defendant will escape injury. You, on the other hand, will have to go to the hospital right away. You could have suffered a traumatic brain injury or some other injury you can’t see from the tractor trailer accident.

If that’s the case, it’s probably because the impact of a tractor trailer is just too intense for the human body. Even if the tractor trailer wasn’t speeding at the time of the crash, it could still cause serious injuries. You may end up with a broken back or neck.

If you have insurance, then all of this should be covered. But if there’s something awry with your policy or coverage, your attorney may have to find a separate direction by which to pursue the defendant.

Your Middletown Truck Accident Lawyer Will File a Claim Against Multiple Parties

It can be frustrating to sit idly by and watch your tractor trailer accident case move along. One of the reasons truck accident cases can be complicated is that they often involve more than one defendant. Your Middletown truck accident lawyer will likely have to sue the driver and his employer.

This way, if the insurance company refuses to pay your claim, you still have other options there. In fact, most truck accident victims don’t even contact our office until their claim has been denied. It doesn’t make sense for them to entertain a car accident lawsuit if there’s a chance their claim will be paid in due course.

Most Cases Do Settle Long Before Trial

A lot of our clients get discouraged when they see that trial is approaching and their case still hasn’t settled. They start to worry that they won’t get a chance to speak to their Middletown accident lawyer in time. The good news is that your attorney is never going to put your money at risk.

Even though the trial is right around the corner, your attorney will continue to try to settle your case. In fact, a lot of settlements are reached at the last minute. There’s no reason to think your case will be any different.

Don’t Be Stubborn – a Settlement May Be a Good Idea

One common mistake is waiting too long to pursue your claim. If you are coming dangerously close to missing the two (2) year statute of limitations, you need to discuss a possible settlement. Your Middletown truck accident lawyer will reach out to the other driver’s lawyer to see if they’re interested in discussing a settlement.

If they aren’t interested, you and your attorney should waste no time getting your lawsuit filed. Just keep in mind, even though you filed suit, that doesn’t mean your Middletown truck accident lawyer won’t continue to pursue your claim. It just means your case, if it settles at all, may do so at the last minute.

Call and Talk to a Skilled Middletown Truck Accident Lawyer

Dealing with a truck accident can be overwhelming. It’s a lot more complicated than a regular car accident. You may not be sure who you’re supposed to go after. Then once you figure this out, you have to gather all of the paperwork you may need. Take the time to do this thoroughly so you can make the most of your free, initial consultation.

Truck accidents usually cause very serious injuries. Not surprisingly, these injuries are almost always suffered in silence. Rather than have that happen to you, step up so your Middletown accident lawyer can get started on prepping your case. The initial consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose. Just call our office and set up a date and time that works for you.

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