Challenges (Besides Coronavirus) Facing The Bar And Restaurant Industry In Connecticut

Challenges (Besides Coronavirus) Facing The Bar And Restaurant Industry In Connecticut
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If you own a bar, restaurant, or a related business, the coronavirus pandemic is probably on your mind right now. Of course, the challenges posed by coronavirus are extraordinary. But many other difficulties face these industries. When coronavirus and the public emergencies surrounding it eventually diminish, those challenges will remain. Who can you turn to if you’re a business navigating the complicated legal and regulatory framework? That’s where having an experienced Connecticut business lawyer is critical.

Restaurants, Bars, And Food Services: The Legal Landscape

Opening and running a restaurant or bar is no simple task. The same is true for other food services, especially where liquor licensing is concerned. If you have a dream of running your own business in these spaces, you need legal counsel. You may also just have general questions, and want the input of an experienced Connecticut business attorney. Either way, we can help.

Here are some common issues facing bars, restaurants, and related businesses:

  • Forming your business. Liability is a major concern for anyone in the bar and restaurant business. There are a variety of legal structures you can take advantage of to protect your establishment. Many small businesses choose to operate as a limited liability company, or LLC. You should talk to an attorney about the best way to structure your entity.
  • Liquor licensing. Connecticut strictly regulates the ability to sell and dispense alcoholic beverages. Running afoul of these rules is a good way to land in serious trouble before the regulatory agencies. Licensing is never a straightforward matter, especially where alcohol is concerned. We can review the type of establishment you wish to operate and assist with the licensing process.
  • Health licensing. If you want to operate a restaurant in Connecticut, you need a proper food service license. You should also keep in mind that health licensing rules may apply if you are renovating your establishment. There are specific licensing requirements that vary from town to town. Our attorneys will help you understand the relevant procedures and make sure you are properly licensed.
  • Franchise issues. Some aspiring restaurant owners are interested in operating a franchise. Running a franchised business is a great way to achieve success in the food service industry. But every franchise is different, and most come with complicated requirements that not all owners understand. A Connecticut business lawyer can advise on the specific requirements of your franchise and make sure you are in compliance.
  • Sale and purchase of existing businesses. The restaurant or bar you’re interested in running might be one already in existence. There’s a number of issues that go into buying or selling any business. And those in the food and alcohol industries can be particularly complex. We can help you execute the transaction and make sure your interests are protected throughout the process.
  • Real estate purchases and sales. Before you open a restaurant, bar, or other food service establishment, maybe you need to acquire property. Or, you could be ready to sell the real estate on which your business currently operates. Either way, our firm handles real estate transactions of all types. If you want to buy or sell land for your bar or restaurant, work with a Connecticut business attorney.
  • Intellectual property issues. Before you name your business, or create a unique logo or brand, you should consult experienced Connecticut legal counsel. Intellectual property issues are quite common in the bar and restaurant businesses. You certainly don’t want to select a name or logo that will violate another business’s trademarks.

We’re Ready To Help You Get Started On Your Dream

Although the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down bars and restaurants, these businesses are working hard to move forward. If you’ve dreamed of running your own food service establishment, we can help. Aeton Law Partners works with restaurants, bars, and related businesses throughout Connecticut. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can serve you.

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