Defending Yourself Against an Embezzlement Charge in Connecticut

Defending Yourself Against an Embezzlement Charge in Connecticut
Embezzlement Charge

For a business owner or professional, facing an embezzlement charge can seem like the end of the world. Not everyone who faces embezzlement charges is a shady business person that’s been steadily streaming money from the business into some off-shore account. In fact, you’re probably quite the opposite. Most business owners don’t have a full understanding of embezzlement charges or how the state holds people accountable for embezzlement.

If you’re fighting an embezzlement charge, call an experienced criminal defense attorney in CT.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is really a fancy word for stealing. It’s a white-collar version of robbery, and it’s the step down from the violent crime sector. Embezzlement will often work hand-in-hand or to ride the line of larceny.

Embezzlement can include taking a little bit and stashing it away, which is very hard for businesses to identify. Small amounts disappearing over time are likely to be written off as shrinkage or just poor accounting. When large amounts are embezzled, the company may choose to turn the other cheek and simply under-report their revenue.

Either way, embezzlement is taking money from someone or a business entity that they may have some right to access such as, a caretaker who was taking funds from their patient’s social security checks, or a business owner stealing from their business.

Why Did You End Up With an Embezzlement Charge?

It’s likely that you never took anything or embezzled anything. But, you could still be facing these charges if you had the opportunity to stop the embezzlement and didn’t. Or if you purposefully altered your revenue reports to accommodate the embezzlement. You could even end up facing tax evasion charges if you don’t report embezzled revenue afterward.

Because embezzlement is nestled within a grey area of theft, it’s very difficult to pin down exactly who is responsible. Among the general public, the belief is that the thief should take the consequences. However, within business law, owners, managers, financial professionals, and executives have an obligation to honest and transparent financial reporting.

Is It True that “Someone Has to be Responsible?”

There’s this widespread belief that the state government or federal government will hold someone responsible no matter what. So, if your secretary who is guilty, took off and is gone forever, then you’re left paying the price. That’s not true. Now, the court system will run on some extent of responsibility.

Business owners are especially seen as responsible for knowing the financial health and security of their business. If there is embezzlement, then it’s their responsibility to end it, report it, and they may face charges if they knowingly allow it to continue.

If you’re a business owner and identify or suspect embezzlement is happening within your company, contact police immediately, and you may need to hire a forensic financial analyst. They evaluate your books from a criminal investigation perspective to identify who took what actions and how those actions put you and your company at risk.

Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in CT for an Embezzlement Charge?

Although it’s a white-collar crime, it’s still a criminal charge. Yes, you could wait for an assigned attorney to represent you, but you’re better off getting a trained criminal lawyer with experience in handling embezzlement. These charges can be a misdemeanor or a felony, and you don’t want to go up against either without a solid strategy to protect yourself.

A criminal defense attorney will look for ways to build a case around what the prosecution has to prove. Did you know about the embezzlement, did you partake in transparent and responsible financial practices? These questions will probably play a large part in the months ahead of you.

Why Hire an Attorney if The Courts Will Assign You One?

Choosing your own criminal defense attorney in CT should have a substantial impact on your case. Hiring an attorney might seem expensive or unrealistic, but it can save you time, and money paid on in fines to the court if your case goes well. A defense attorney should go with the evidence and then build a strong foundation for you to come out with the best possible outcome.

Talk to Aeton Law Partners, a law office serving Connecticut accused parties and helping them to speak out against their charges in court. Many people quickly realize after taking on embezzlement charges that the criminal court system is not always fair. In fact, it’s usually not, which is why you need a professional who can dedicate the time necessary to your case and your needs. From discovery to resolution, you should expect your attorney to put your best interests first.

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