Increased Fines Test

Increased Fines Test

With the number of COVID cases on the rise again, state leaders are taking extreme measures to ensure that people comply with the health officials’ protocols. One group that is attracting attention are small and medium-sized businesses in Connecticut. As a result of a few bad apples refusing to comply with the COVID regulations and rules, the Governor has decided to take extreme action, increasing fines for Connecticut businesses that don’t comply.

The new fines went into effect on Thanksgiving. Governor Ned Lamont admitted that he wanted these new fines in place prior to Black Friday. He is doing this to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the busy holiday shopping season.

Prior to this new legislation, any business that was caught not complying with the rules were being fined $500 per incident. Effective two weeks ago, these fines are being increased to $10,000. The governor is hoping that this will be all the incentive businesses need to follow the rules.

There are other fines in place as well. Some of these include:

  • $500 for organizing an event that exceeds the 10 person capacity limits
  • $250 for attending an event that is not in compliance with these rules
  • $100 for not wearing a mask in public 
  • $500 for violating the state travel bans and advisories

Members of the Connecticut Restaurant Association have asked if these can be a positive incentive for those businesses that are in compliance. These businesses are already struggling and continue to ask for additional funding under the CAREs act. This money will be used for grants for small businesses.

So far, there has not been a response to this request. If your business has been fined for COVID violations, contact an expert Connecticut business lawyer right away.


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