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Experienced Connecticut Litigation and Trial Attorneys

At Aeton Law Partners, our attorneys have over 30 years combined trial, litigation, and courtroom experience.  Aeton's attorneys handle litigation cases throughout Connecticut, and on a select basis in other states, including Massachusetts and New York.  We handle litigation work for competitive rates and we bring with us big firm trial and litigation training and experience.   We handle many different types of litigation cases, including business disputes, commercial claims, insurance, employment, personal injury and criminal.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Serving All of Connecticut

Although businesses smartly seek to avoid commercial litigation, many times a lawsuit is necessary to protect confidential information, enforce business contracts, or to seek recovery of damages for loss of business, profits, or customers. At Aeton, we stand ready to provide our clients with a well thought out litigation strategy keeping in mind costs and the likelihood of recovery. We seek to identify our clients' goals from the beginning of the engagement so we can recommend the best strategy going forward weighing both the pros and the cons of any lawsuit.

In the event your business faces litigation or the threat of a lawsuit, retaining a business litigation attorney early in the process is critical. Acting quick to file a lawsuit in court seeking an injunction or attachment of assets often leads to quick resolution of business disputes.  Additionally, gathering evidence, retaining appropriate experts and preserving relevant electronically stored information is often the key to successful outcomes. Many times businesses hope to resolve a dispute without involving lawyers only to later learn that settlement was not possible. 

Commercial litigation disputes can quickly get off track so it is important to map out a strategy at that outset of any engagement with specific goals in mind.  In order to determine a strategy, it is necessary to understand the different possible outcomes and probabilities of success.  Sitting down with an attorney early in the process is important.

Contingency Fee Attorney for Business and Commercial Lawsuits Hartford, New Haven, and Middletown

At Aeton Law Partners LLP, we offer individuals and businesses in Connecticut a modern approach to business lawsuits. We focus on using the latest technologies and innovations to reduce our overhead costs to permit flexibility in pricing our services. This allows us to offer experienced litigation representation while providing our clients alternatives.  Our low overhead also permits us to take on a wider variety of cases, and to consider contingency fee cases in business, employment and commercial disputes where appropriate.  We offer competitive hourly rates and alternative fee arrangements for select cases to include contingency fees, fixed fees, phase of case billing, and hybrids (a mix of hourly and contingency fees).

We take a proactive approach to resolving legal disputes, pursuing early settlement where possible and aggressively litigating when necessary to protect the interests of our clients.

Our firm handles a broad range of litigation for clients throughout Connecticut (and in Massachusetts on a select basis), including cases involving:

Staffing Commercial Claims and Lawsuits Using Lean Practices and Technology

Many times business lawsuits turn into a battle of resources and fees for attorneys. We hear all too often that "only the attorneys will win."  In other circumstances, the right side has to concede in commercial litigation due to lack of resources and ability to fight. We try to avoid these situations for our clients.  Sometimes, we can provide an advantage by using the latest technologies to streamline our management and resolution of commercial litigation lawsuits. Our approach starts with competitive hourly rates for our lead attorneys and "just in time" resources and scalability to fit the additional needs of the case.

Depending on the size of any particular matter, we can add bench strength with staff when needed while avoiding additional attorney costs when it is not necessary. Our attorneys do not learn on the clients' dime in litigation cases and we do not have two attorneys attend to every function. Our goal is to staff our litigation cases with the necessary resources to focus only on obtaining the right result for our clients.

No Fee or Flat Fee For Attorney Conference On Litigation Cases, Commercial Disputes, and Employment Matters

Commercial disputes often involve complex issues that may benefit from the early involvement of an attorney.   Perhaps you do not want to have an attorney review the entire matter and pour over lengthy documents due to cost considerations.  When appropriate, we offer clients a confidential attorney conference on a flat fee basis to determine the scope of your dispute and possible strategies at resolution.  With a minimal fee, clients can go a long way toward avoiding a lawsuit in the first place or protecting your interest if litigation later becomes necessary.  Additionally, there are many cases where we will sit down with a prospective client and review a matter free of charge.  Each case presents its own set of facts that we will consider.  If you have a civil dispute or need a civil litigation attorney, you can contact our office and speak to our intake paralegal.  We typically respond to clients the same day or within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about litigation in Connecticut, please contact us to discuss your needs.