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Litigation and Trial

Experienced Connecticut Litigation and Trial Attorneys

Our attorneys have over 35 years combined trial, litigation, and courtroom experience. Aeton's attorneys handle trial and litigation cases throughout Connecticut, in state and federal courts. We also handle select cases in other states, including Massachusetts and New York. We handle trial and litigation work with several different fee arrangements including hourly rates, contingency, flat billing, and hybrids of each.

Our firm includes former prosecutors and attorneys with training from well-known law firms. We also continuously train our attorneys in-house on litigation and trial tactics. The attorneys further seek out opportunities to improve their skills and hone the craft of litigation and trial work. Our clients tend to hire us based on our litigation experience as opposed to the specific type of case. In that way, we end up taking on many different types of trial and litigation cases, from business disputes, commercial claims, and insurance issues to employment, serious personal injury cases and criminal matters in both Part A and Part B.

Professionally Aggressive Representation

Our general demeanor and style with all trial and litigation work is what we refer to as “professionally aggressive.” In a nutshell, this means we fight hard, but we fight fair. Our reputation is important to us, not only with our clients but also with our opponents and judges. Over time, the value of our reputation benefits our clients. For our opponents, when they face attorneys from Aeton, they expect tough, smart, and fair attorneys. For judges, when we appear in court, they expect prepared, diligent, and skilled advocacy.

Organized Case Handling With Smart Use of Technology

Our approach to litigation case handling is thorough, organized, and tested over time to produce results. From the outset of an engagement for a trial case, we prefer more information from our clients, not less. To keep costs down, we have legal assistants help our clients with production of key evidence and documents. All of our attorneys can then deploy work flow and trial practice software to assist with document review, transcript review, and presentation. Our case review software allows us to quickly find facts and data and produce reports based on issues or legal claims. We often incorporate timelines, issue charts, key player summaries, whiteboards, and file sharing.

We deploy the same method of case management across all cases for all attorneys. This means our attorneys work with the same file organization and structure on every case. They can do so while in the office or remotely.

Staffing Lawsuits with Different Rate Options and Lean Practices

At Aeton, we seek to recommend to our clients the right attorney and staff line up for a particular case. Most times we can provide the option to staff a case with attorneys at different rates. There may be some cases that require the attention and direct handling of our lead trial attorney, or the dispute might be appropriate for other attorneys in the office. Factors that might come into play when choosing a litigation team include: the type of case, client resources, attorney availability, or our attorney’s experience with the opposing attorney or litigant.

We handle cases ranging from small disputes to damages involving multiple millions of dollars. Depending on the scope and breadth of any particular matter, we can add bench strength with staff when needed while avoiding additional attorney costs when it is not necessary. Our attorneys do not learn on the clients' dime in litigation cases and we do not have multiple attorneys attend every function for the sake of increasing fees. We deploy just in time resources when necessary for large cases that require multiple attorneys and staff. For example, we might add remote attorneys to the litigation team to provide briefing, research, and other case preparation assignments. Our goal is to staff our litigation cases with the necessary resources to focus only on the goal of obtaining the right result for our clients.

Types of Litigation

Our firm handles a broad range of litigation for clients throughout Connecticut (and in Massachusetts on a select basis), including cases involving:

Commercial Litigation Lawyers Serving All of Connecticut

In the event your business faces litigation or the threat of a lawsuit, retaining a business litigation attorney early in the process is critical. Assuming a case will get resolved without seeking legal advice could be more costly in the end. Business disputes can certainly resolve without the need for lawyers. However, many times a client is better served by seeking an attorney’s advice early in the process even if it’s on a limited basis. That may mean only getting a flat fee consultation to understand your legal rights or the scope of potential claims at issue. Other times, acting quick to file a lawsuit in court is necessary which might include seeking an injunction or attachment of assets. This type of action often leads to quick resolution of business disputes. Additionally, gathering evidence, retaining appropriate experts and preserving relevant electronically stored information is often the key to successful outcomes. Our attorneys’ use of technology and in-depth knowledge of technical issues may provide a competitive advantage even before litigation commences.

As a general philosophy, we try to see if a business solution exists for a dispute. This might involve a negotiated settlement early in the process where both sides understand that the cost and expense of business litigation could end up costing more than the dispute itself. However, although businesses smartly seek to avoid commercial litigation if possible, many times a lawsuit becomes necessary to protect or defend confidential information, enforce business contracts, or to seek recovery of damages for the loss of business, profits, or customers. In other words, there may be no realistic business solution that does not involve going to court. In these cases, we may use a lawsuit to force a settlement, preserve evidence, or discover the full scope of wrongdoing. In other cases, we are asked to step in and defend a client accused of wrongdoing or breach of fiduciary duty. Other lawsuits might include enforcing key contract terms or stealing trade secrets or accessing confidential information from former employees.

Contingency Fee Attorney for Business and Commercial Lawsuits Hartford, New Haven, and Middletown

At Aeton Law Partners LLP, we offer individuals and businesses in Connecticut a modern approach to cover attorney’s fees for all kinds of cases including business lawsuits, whistleblower claims, employment disputes, serious personal injury cases, and criminal defense. Our fee structures for these disputes includes no fee, contingency fee, success fee, or a hybrid.

Flat Fee Conferences to Evaluate Claims

Commercial disputes often involve complex issues that may benefit from the early involvement of an attorney. Perhaps you do not want to have an attorney review the entire matter and pour over lengthy documents due to cost considerations. When appropriate, we offer clients a confidential conference with one of our attorneys on a flat fee basis to determine the scope of your dispute and possible strategies towards resolution. With a one-time, minimal fee, clients can go a long way toward either avoiding a lawsuit in the first place or protecting your interest if litigation later becomes necessary. Additionally, there are many cases where we will sit down with a prospective client and review a matter free of charge. Each case presents its own set of facts that we will consider. If you have a civil dispute or need a civil litigation attorney, you can contact our office and speak to our intake paralegal. We typically respond to clients the same day or within 24 hours.

If you have any questions about contingency fee litigation in Connecticut, please contact us to discuss your needs.