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Tech Startups

Aeton Law Partners: A Connecticut Startup Law Firm

With offices conveniently located between Hartford and New Haven, our technology attorneys routinely advise Connecticut entrepreneurs and startup companies in legal matters specific to the technology and software industries.  Our experienced attorneys provide both transactional and litigation legal counseling to clients across all technology fields.

In addition to handling matters related to business formation, our Connecticut startup attorneys are deeply experienced in providing legal counseling to technology-based clients, including those focused on web-based, cloud-based and mobile software applications. 

Attorneys Who Understand the Technology Industry

Our Hartford technology attorneys understand the many legal, regulatory and business risks that are inherent in the marketing and distribution of technology products and services.

We also understand the financial challenges facing Connecticut startups and entrepreneurs and their need for budget predictability and cost-effective legal services.

Most importantly, our attorneys understand the growth cycle of an early-stage technology firm and can match our clients' organizational and operational growth to their specific legal needs. This is important because it allows our clients to predictably track their financial resources with their future business and legal objectives in accordance with the short and long term goals of their company.

Technology Startup Lawyers

With our technology startup clients in mind, our startup attorneys developed a specifically tailored roadmap of legal documents and best practices to best suit the needs of startup companies. This enables our clients to adequately protect their intellectual property, implement contracting best practices with their customers and third parties, and meet their regulatory requirements.

Our general focus in working with technology startups is to help them address key legal issues in the following categories:

  • Business Formation: Entity selection, incorporation, equity and corporate ownership, roles and responsibilities, invention assignment, confidentiality
  • Third-Party Agreements: Nondisclosure, work for hire, consulting, distribution, joint ventures
  • Customer Agreements: Customer contracts, end-user licenses, web-based terms, privacy policies
  • Employment and Compliance: Employment, regulatory compliance and procedures
  • IP Best Practices: Trademark, copyright and trade secret portfolio building and management
  • Investment Structures and Funding: Capital investments, stock option grants, vesting schedules, equity incentives

Our goal is to help our clients:

  • Gain a better understanding of the legal risks inherent in their business models, particularly those of new businesses
  • Identify and implement best practices and procedures to best benefit our clients
  • Implement appropriate contracts, agreements and policies to protect their intellectual assets and minimize their business and legal liabilities, which are oftentimes overlooked at the early stages of business development
Hartford Technology Startup Attorneys Helping Early-Stage Clients

If you have started any of these projects without first seeking legal advice, we know how to pick up the ball and complete the work needed to get you heading in the right direction.  We pride ourselves on taking our decades of knowledge working with businesses of all sizes and transforming that knowledge into useful information for our clients.

If you have any questions about any of these issues or would like to speak with one of our Connecticut startup lawyers, please contact us. We look forward to speaking with you or providing you with further information.